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Emmett Scott (died 1723) was a tea merchant in Bristol, the father to Caroline Scott, and a member of the Templar Order. Through his daughter's marriage, he was the father-in-law of the pirate Edward Kenway and grandfather of Jennifer Scott.


Caroline's wedding

A wealthy tea merchant of Hawkins Lane in Bristol, Emmett Scott was an ambitious man who founded the Trade Organisation alongside fellow Templar Aubrey Hague, intending to put the Bristolian commerce under their control by forming an association of merchants protected by their Order. The two families were close, and Emmett, wanting to add the power of Hague's family to his own wealth, promised his beautiful daughter, Caroline, to Hague's son, Matthew. While Caroline despised the arrogant and self-important Matthew, and was hesitant to lead the life that was intended for her by virtue of her social status, she reluctantly prepared to do her duty to her father.

In 1711, all of Emmett's plans for his daughter were shattered when Caroline met Edward Kenway and became infatuated with the young man after he prevented her maid from being raped outside a tavern. After seeing each other secretly for months, Kenway proposed to Caroline, who accepted, destroying her father's plan of a prestigious alliance with the Hagues. While Scott was enraged by his daughter misalliance with a sheep farmer, he nevertheless came to their wedding with his wife, but disowned his daughter for her choice after the ceremony.

Pact with Kenway

Deprived of the Scotts' wealth, Caroline and Edward settled in the farm of Edward's parents, Bernard and Linette, who quickly became fond of Edward's young wife, who tried her best in order to acclimate to her new life. However, dissatisfied with his life as a farmer and his inability to offer a privileged life to his wife, Edward failed to meet his marital obligations and assiduously frequented the taverns of the area. During one of those nights of drinking, in late 1712, Scott approached an inebriated Kenway and offered him a deal, sending Caroline back to him by leaving her in exchange for a large sum of money. Scott tried to convince him to accept his offer, but Kenway fainted before giving an answer and his father-in-law took him to the Kenway farmstead, where he took the opportunity to show his distraught daughter what a bad husband Edward was.

The next day, Scott received the visit from Edward, who refused his offer and proposed him another deal. In accordance with his own plans, Kenway was going to try to make his fortune as a privateer in the West Indies and promised not to return to England until he became rich. To Scott, who wanted the marriage to end, Edward pointed out that the odds were great he would die at sea, making Caroline a widow able to marry again, and that Scott could also take advantage of his absence by trying to turn Caroline against her husband. Scott agreed to Edward's offer, and Kenway announced his departure to Caroline, who left the farm and came back to her father's house in Bristol, angry with Edward's decision.

The night Kenway embarked on his assigned ship, Emmett Scott sent Wilson and some members of the Trade Organization, including Edward's nemesis Tom Cobleigh and his associate Julian, to set fire to the Kenways' farm while Bernard and Linette were sleeping inside, in order to prevent Caroline from returning to them during Edward's absence. With Edward's departure being delayed, he returned in time to warn his parents and tracked the arsonists, but was knocked out and put on his departing ship by a hooded Wilson, who assured him that no more harm would come to his parents if he respected his pact with Scott.

Return of an Assassin

After Edward's departure, Caroline discovered her pregnancy and later gave birth to a daughter, Jennifer, who was raised with the privileged status that only Emmett could provide her. In 1721, Emmett contracted smallpox, and inadvertently transferred the disease to his wife and Caroline. While himself and his wife survived, Caroline did not recover and Emmett arrogantly decided that she did not need medicine, which resulted in her death. When Linette Kenway heard about Caroline's passing, she tried to attend the funeral, but the Scotts forbade her from entering the cemetery.

In 1722, after her mother's death, Jennifer wrote a letter to her father informing him about the death of Caroline, and about her own existence, and with the help of her grandmother but against the wishes of Emmett, she traveled to the West Indies in order to meet him. Some months later, Jennifer and her father, who had joined the Assassins, returned back to Bristol, where Edward intended to settle the scores with those who had ordered the burning of his parents' farm years before. Informed of Kenway's return and fearing for their lives, the Templars went into hiding but were betrayed by Rose, the maid Kenway saved from rape a decade ago, who told the Assassin that Scott and his conspirators were hiding in Emmett's warehouse.

Escaping the soldiers called in the city as reinforcements by the Templars, Kenway went to the warehouse during the night and witnessed Rose bringing new clothes to her master. As Kenway was planning the assassinations, he heard Rose scream and rushed into the warehouse, and discovered Emmett and Wilson using Rose as an hostage, threatening to hang her if Edward did not surrender. However, after Emmett defended the negligence which led to Caroline's death, Edward threw a knife at Wilson and shot Emmett in the head. Later, Edward tried to kill Aubrey and Matthew, but was prevented from doing so by Lord Robert Walpole, who negotiated a truce between the Assassin and Aubrey.



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