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"Emmett's many computers are arranged just so among his pipes and ashtrays. They hum as he plays the keyboard like a ghastly instrument, and the world's secrets dance to his tune."
―The Initiate spy, 2013.[src]
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Emmett Leary

Emmett Leary is a former employee of Abstergo Industries and a member of the Assassin Order stationed on the Altaïr II. He serves as the cell's hacker and enjoys smoking recreational marijuana.


Employment at Abstergo Industries

Emmett was a software engineer for the Surrogate Initiative, working on the technology that reads genetic memories. When the project failed, Emmett was invited to join the Animus Project by Warren Vidic; Emmett declined, strongly believing Vidic to be crazy. Shortly after, he chose to leave Abstergo, receiving a sizable severance package and the assurance that he would be safe as long as he didn't talk about his prior work. Despite this, Emmett soon became paranoid, as he felt like Abstergo was always watching him, leading him to note down everything he knew of their inner workings.[1]

Ultimately, Emmett's suspicions proved true, and Gavin Banks managed to arrive before them in the middle of the night, saving Emmett from a swarm of Abstergo guards who had been sent to silence him; Emmett even remarked that he felt the urge to leave was so great that he asked no questions and followed Gavin in his "tighty-whities". Subsequently, Emmett was presumed dead thereafter, provided he is constantly on the run with Gavin.[1]

Mission to Japan

On 6 December 2013, Emmett and his team were in Osaka, Japan searching for a yakuza group responsible for killing a cell of Assassins in the city. Emmett used his computers to search through recent criminal activity in Osaka, discovering that there had recently been a violent gang war which had resulted in a branch of the yakuza, the Onmoraki-Gumi, being wiped out. Despite the city having been relatively quiet since then, Emmett decided to remain on board the Altaïr II with his computers.[2]

On 13 December, Emmett and the other Assassins were debating the identity of the leader of the Onmoraki-Gumi, who they had discovered were still active. Emmett claimed that if he was not able to find out their identity they did not exist, although he made this claim while under the influence of drugs, and talking to a lamp.[3]

On 31 December, the crew of the Altaïr II traveled to Tokyo to purchase supplies for the next leg of their journey after having resolved the situation in Osaka, with Emmett buying various Japanese snackfoods while exploring the city.[4]

The Altaïr II left Japan on 15 January 2014 while Emmett was recovering from a two-day bender of Japanese corn syrup and his hybrid sativa. When Gavin decided to consult William Miles' codex to determine their next destination, Emmett questioned why they did not just contact William to decipher the Codex's riddles. Gavin informed Emmett that he was not aware of William's location at the moment, and that it was more fun to figure out the mysteries for themselves.[5]

Mission to Russia

By 7 March, the crew of the Altaïr II had decoded another clue from the Codex, which pointed towards Moscow as their next destination. Emmett joined Gavin and Emmanuel Barraza in travelling across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Emmett sent progress reports – as well as pictures of the food he was eating – to the rest of the crew, who were sailing around Russia to the city of Saint Petersburg.[6]

By 16 March, they had arrived in Moscow and made contact with Galina Voronina, the last remaining sane Russian Assassin. She asked for their help in killing her deranged mother, who had forced the rest of the Russian Brotherhood into an Animus until they lost their minds to the Bleeding Effect. Galina also informed them that her mother had claimed she was talking to Eve through the Animus. Gavin agreed to assist her, although he wished to try to solve the problem without violence.[7]

On March 18, while out eating with Galina, Emmett explained to her that it was impossible to talk with someone through the Animus, and that it was a one way experience, although he became scared when she simply shot him a disapproving look in response. Despite being frightened of Galina, Emmett was excited about going to the Assassin lab at Protvino, which was the site of a Soviet-era science city.[8]

They arrived at Protvino on 20 March, and Emmett was disappointed with the state the facility was in, and that it was full of deadly insane Assassins who were trying to kill them. Emmett had a gun to defend himself, but lamented that he was a terrible shot and watched in fascination and horror as Galina cut through her former comrades with ease, including her twin sister. When they reached the laboratory, they found Galina's mother in the Animus, talking about finding her lost husband and the color gray. Emmett noticed the static on the monitors appeared to have a face in it, and that it seemed to be screaming when Galina ended her mother's life. Emmett felt that the face looked familiar, but could not place it, and wondered if it had even been real.[9]

On 26 March, Emmett, Gavin, and Emmanuel reunited with the rest of the crew in Saint Petersburg, bringing Galina along with them after Gavin convinced her to join the crew as their enforcer.[10]

Spy hunt


Emmett being interrogated

On 24 April, Emmett and the rest of the Altaïr II crew were directed by an angered Gavin to find out where William Miles was hiding.[11] They determined he had a hidden base in Norway, and arrived there on 1 May. Emmett greeted fellow Assassin technician Rebecca Crane, and pulled her aside so they could work on their Hephaestus phones and smoke marijuana.[12]

On 5 May, Emmett and the rest of the crew were gathered together by Rebecca, who announced that while working on their computer systems, she had discovered a spy was sending out reports from the ship to a group known as the Initiates.[13] The next day, Emmett and the rest of the crew, with the exception of Gavin and Galina, were confined to their quarters on the Altaïr II while William interrogated them one-by-one to expose the spy.[14]

On 12 May, Emmett was the sixth member of the Altaïr II to be interrogated by William, during which the two discussed Emmett's previous employment at Abstergo, his escape from death and recruitment to the Assassins by Gavin, and whether he had previously heard anything of the Initiates during the time he monitored other organizations, including Erudito.[1]

Eleven days later, William determined Dr. Stephanie Chiu was the spy, and Emmett reacted in disbelief as William ordered Galina to execute her. However, Eric Cooper leapt to her defense, explaining he was the one who wrote the reports that Chiu uploaded. William explained the order had been a ruse by him and Gavin to flush out the spy, and none of them would be dying that day.[15]

In November, Emmett received a text from Eric telling him they had set up a headquarters in Paris, and were waiting on him to connect them to the servers of a local Helix hub.[16]


  • While in his interview with William Miles, Eric Cooper mentioned that he held a close friendship with Emmett, who would also monitor the state of affairs in Scotland alongside his other duties, due to Cooper's wish to someday return to his home country.[17]
  • According to Emmett, he smokes marijuana to combat arthritic pain.[1]



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