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Elpenor of Kirrha (died 431 BCE) was a member of the Eyes of Kosmos branch of the Cult of Kosmos leading up to the Peloponnesian War.


Elpenor made his living as a merchant, and this granted him many opportunities to serve the Sage of his chosen branch well. When the war between Athens and Sparta became apparent, Elpenor had already been supplying both sides with weapons.[1]

When the Cult deemed it of utmost importance to find the members of Leonidas I of Sparta's bloodline, Elpenor sent out his informants to find both Myrrine and Kassandra. Two of these, Krethos and Antonide, were successful.[2]

Dealing with Kassandra

In around 431 BCE, he enlisted the help of the Spartan misthios Kassandra to retrieve Penelope's prized shroud, which had been stolen by bandits. He directed her to Odysseus' Palace on Ithaka to start her search. After she returned with the shroud, he gave it to her as reward. [3]

Elpenor's next task for Kassandra was to hunt down and kill the Wolf of Sparta, who was her father, Nikolaos.[4] The misthios later met Elpenor in his residence in Phokis and presented Nikolaos' helmet to him, whereupon he revealed he had known all along of Kassandra's relation to the Wolf. Upon confirming that Kassandra's mother Myrrine was alive, the cultist attempted to enlist the misthios to assassinate her as well but this only angered Kassandra, forcing him to summon his guards to delay the misthios while he fled.[2]

Kassandra later learned of Elpenor's allegiance to the Cult of Kosmos from the Oracle of Delphi and resolved to track him down.[5] Subsequently, Elpenor devised a trap by placing a decoy at Pharsalos Fort in the Valley of the Nymph but Kassandra killed the decoy, finding a letter revealing Elpenor's hiding place.[6]


Snake in the Grass - Assassins Creed Odyssey

Elpenor's death

The letter from Elpenor detailed his orders to the decoy: kill the "so-called messenger of the gods" and meet him afterwards at the cave near the Snake Ruins within Valley of the Snake. When confronted once more by the misthios, Elpenor admitted that Myrrine was the Cult's only concern, and given that they already had Deimos, Kassandra might as well be dead. He fought Kassandra, but ultimately lost and was fatally wounded. With his dying breath, Elpenor declared that Kassandra had made a mistake in killing him, to which she retorted trusting him in the first place had been her mistake. He countered by telling her he was the only reason she'd ever left Kephallonia alive, given that the Cult wanted her death and his actions had spared her so far. As she tried to interrogate him about the Cult and their location, Elpenor merely chuckled before expiring.[6]

Kassandra found on Elpenor a curious looking shard, as well as a symbol on his cloak: a single eye. Kassandra also found a set of robes and a white mask marked with red. All these things she took, believing they'd "come in handy".[6]

Simulation of Tartaros

In a simulation created by the Isu Aletheia, Elpenor's soul resided in Tartaros, a realm of the underworld ruled by Hades. Elpenor worked for him numerous times, helping him to combat any prisoners of Tartaros who attempted to escape. On one ocassion, Elpenor was deployed to eliminate a large group of prisoners in Hades' Palace. There, he came across Kassandra, who had managed to find her way to Tartaros and was helping Hades with his prisoners.[7]

Legacy and Influence

The Serpents Lair - Deimos arrives - Assassins Creed Odyssey

Deimos holding Elpenor's decapitated head

Elpenor's death was later discovered by Deimos, who then decapitated Elpenor and brought his head to the Cult's meeting as proof of his death, which indirectly resulted in the grandchildren of Leonidas learning of each other's existence.[8]

Some time later, Kassandra met a politician who claimed to be Elpenor's brother. Bemoaning Elpenor's murder, saying that Elpenor, "kind and wealthy man" had enabled him to join politics and even protected him, the statesman was afraid of losing what status he had gained as bandits had targeted him. Unaware of Kassandra's part in Elpenor's death, the man hired Kassandra to deal with the bandits.[9]


  • In Greek mythology, Elpenor is the name of one of Odysseus' comrades in Homer's Odyssey. In Aeaea, Elpenor got drunk, spent the night on the roof, and died as he fell off it in the morning.




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