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Ellen Kaye is the chairwoman of the Board Of Directors of Abstergo Industries and the leader of the Council of Elders.


In October 2016, Kaye summoned Alan Rikkin to inform him that the Council would vote in one week on whether to disband the Abstergo Foundation Rehabilitation Center due to its cost, feeling that its three billion dollars in funding could be better spent elsewhere. She also told Rikkin that it was the Council's belief that the Templar Order had achieved their end goal of a New World Order, on the basis that people cared more about their standard of living rather than their freedom, and were ready to follow anyone who would guarantee it to them. However, Rikkin disagreed, telling the Elder that the threat of being disposed remained as long as free will existed. He then informed Kaye that his daughter, Sofia had made a breakthrough and found a new subject who would soon allow the Templars to find a new Apple of Eden.[1]

Several days later, after the Rikkins eventually discovered that the Apple was buried with Christopher Columbus in Seville, Kaye was present alongside them in the Cathedral. She kindly told to the younger woman that while all the glory would go to her father, she knew who truly found the artifact, before adding that Sofia's own glory would come in time.[1]

Later, Kaye and the other Elders gathered in Holborn Hall in London, England to honor Alan Rikkin and to show the Apple's power to assembled Templars. As such, Kaye was among the countless witnesses when Callum Lynch infiltrated the gathering and slit Rikkin's throat with a make-shift Hidden Blade during his speech, stealing the Apple before disappearing in the fleeing crowd. When a distraught Sofia knelt near her father's body and told McGowen that she would recover the Apple and that Lynch was hers to kill, she discovered that Kaye was gazing down at her. Before Kaye left, she paraphrased the hymn Non nobis in Psalm 113 from the Holy Bible, "It is not to ourselves, but to the future, that we must give glory", in an attempt to console Sofia's loss by assuring her that Alan had died for a higher cause.[1]

Behind the scenes

Ellen Kaye is a character in the film Assassin's Creed, where she is portrayed by the actress Charlotte Rampling.


The name Ellen is a Medieval English form of Helen, which is a Greek name whose etymology is uncertain, but which has been suggested to be related to the Greek word Σελήνη (Selḗnē), meaning 'moon', and thus Helen would have the sense of 'shining (brightly)'.