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"This flag is a symbol of our strength and unity and I would hope you'd all be proud to fly it high above your homes and shops."
―Ellen upon announcing her creation of the Homestead's flag.[src]


Ellen was a seamstress during the American Revolutionary War and a resident of the Davenport Homestead.


Meeting Connor

While visiting New York, the Assassin Connor was hailed on the street by a frantic young girl named Maria who led him to a domestic dispute between her mother, Ellen, and her father, Quincent. When the argument progressed to violence on the latter's part, Connor intervened and subdued Quincent. He then invited Ellen to move her tailoring business to the Davenport Homestead on the Frontier, allowing her to escape her abusive husband with Maria.

At first, Ellen was hesitant, as it had taken her a great while to build up her tailoring business and home, but she finally agreed.

Life on the Homestead

After relocating to the Homestead, Ellen discovered she had forgotten a roll of fine silk in New York, and requested that Connor retrieve it for her. When Connor arrived at Ellen's old shop, he found Quincent inquiring angrily about her and Maria's whereabouts. However, Quincent fled upon seeing Connor, allowing the Assassin to find the silk that he had flung over a nearby fence.

Following Father Timothy's arrival, Ellen voiced her desire for Maria to read the Bible, and supported the idea of erecting a church on the Homestead.

Some time later, Quincent eventually tracked Ellen down with a group of thugs and attempted to break into her new home. Ellen locked herself and Maria inside and called for help. Seeing the danger they posed, Connor and the other residents of the Homestead came to Ellen's defense, engaging the louts in a brawl, while Ellen showered her former husband with insults and threats, and emerging victorious before threatening Quincent with death if he ever attempted to harm her again.

As a heartfelt show of thanks for her friends, Ellen fashioned the attire for Norris and Myriam's wedding and, at the reception, revealed a flag she had sewn as a symbol of the Homestead's harmonious community. Connor humbly accepted the gift, and flew it from the church flagpole from that point onward.

One of the flags would go on to cover the casket of Achilles Davenport during his funeral, which Ellen attended with the other Homestead residents to give their thanks to the "old man on the hill."


  • While Ellen invited the residents of the Homestead to fly the flag outside of their homes, it was only flown outside of the church.
  • During a conversation with Prudence outside her home, Ellen mentioned she had fallen for another man. It is possible this other man is Big Dave, as they seem closer than most other Homestead residents are to one another (aside from Norris and Myriam). Dave willingly comes to her defense when Quincent attempts to attack her, and they are seen speaking to one another during Norris and Myriam's wedding.
  • If the weather was changed to winter via an Animus hack, none of Ellen's activities could be scanned for the Encyclopedia of the Common Man.
  • Ellen appeared to be deeply religious, as she was the one who suggested building a church and wanting her daughter to read the Bible, and could often be found praying in the church once it had been built.
  • Ellen could occasionally be seen smoking a pipe in the Mile's End or outside her home.




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