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Elisa Adler is the amnesiac daughter of the late Thomas and Alice Adler, two employees of Abstergo Industries. She was admitted to the Clinique des Rameaux in Switzerland under the name "Elisa Bouyver."


The accident

In February 2017, whilst driving in the Pyrenees, Elisa was involved in a serious car accident which gave her a head trauma, resulting in amnesia. To care for her better, her parents sent her to the Clinique des Rameaux in Switzerland, but admitted her under the alias "Elisa Bouyver" to avoid suspicion. It was at this clinic that she met Dr. Florent Carpentier, and started to develop a close relationship with him.[1]

Returning home

In November of that year, at the suggestion of her doctor, she decided to visit her parents in Madrid. The idea was that it would be easier to recover in the company of loved ones.[1]


  • Elisa is a diminutive of Elizabeth, which in Hebrew means "committed to God". While Adler is a German word meaning "eagle."



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