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"Let's see... patrilineal line... Nineteenth century American midwest. Eighteenth century American Revolution. Sixteenth century Ottoman Empire. Fifteenth century Italian Renaissance! Oh my god! You don't mean...?"
―Álvaro Gramática discovering Elijah's identity, 2015.[src]

Elijah (born c. 2005) is a Sage and the illegitimate son of Desmond Miles. From 2017 to 2018, Elijah worked alongside the Instruments of the First Will, who served the interests of Juno and sought her return. He soon turned on Juno and the Instruments to save himself and fled with the Koh-i-Noor.


Early life

In 2005, after he ran away from his Assassin family and settled in New York City, Desmond Miles met a woman with whom he unknowingly conceived a child; Elijah.[1]

In October 2015, Elijah's mother brought him to an Abstergo clinic in New York, in fact a front allowing Templars to collect DNA from the general population, at which point Abstergo discovered his nature as a Sage and that he shared the patrilineal lineage of Desmond Miles.[1]

While Álvaro Gramática wished to kidnap the boy immediately and conduct a vivisection on him, Isabelle Ardant opposed this, claiming the young Sage as her own project and that such a decision was inhumane. She instead planned to have Abstergo abduct the boy once he was old enough, and then put him into an Animus for fifty years so they could study his lineage. Ardant was killed before this plan could be enacted, however.[1]

Juno's poster boy

Later that year, following Juno's ascendancy to leadership of the Instruments of the First Will, Violet da Costa sent Richmond to kidnap Elijah, and bring the latest avatar of Juno's beloved Aita to her. Breaking into their home, Richmond stabbed Elijah's mother to death in the kitchen, before securing the sleeping boy in his bedroom. Brought back to the Instruments, Elijah was then told of his true nature and potential, with Richmond being tasked to take care of him.[2]

In February 2017, Elijah was among those Instruments who ambushed Barindra Mitra's cell in Hong Kong. Looking for intel about the Phoenix Project, the Assassins broke into the Abstergo offices located in a skyscraper but were soon butchered by the group. Sitting on a desk, the boy watched the ordeal, eating an apple, and spoke to Charlotte de la Cruz, acting as if they met before.[2]

Sin título

Elijah being introduced to the Instruments

In March, Elijah attended a gathering of the Instruments after Juno discovered that the Koh-i-Noor was in Spain, making a speech alongside Jasdip Dhami to inform the crowd of cultists of their mistress' success. However, Violet da Costa was still wary of the young Sage, believing that his place was in a cage and warned Juno that the boy was truly his father's son, and that he would betray her. Juno disregarded her lieutenant's warning, stating that the boy was happy to play his role in service of Juno's grand scheme.[2]

Later, after the Instruments discovered the location of Gramática's secret lab, where the Templar was sequencing the DNA of the Isu, a strike team of Juno's followers as well as Elijah and their prisoner, André Bolden, travelled there. Upon their arrival, the team led by da Costa and Dhami discovered that Gramatica succeeded as he was bragging about his genius before revealing themselves to the dumbfounded scientist. Da Costa then stated that they were there for the Phoenix Project, to create a new cloned body for their mistress.[2]

Betraying Juno

Ultimately, Violet's fears were proven right as Elijah took his revenge on his mother's murderers, stabbing Richmond with a screwdriver and helping Charlotte to kill Juno. He then fled with the Koh-i-Noor.

Personality and traits

"You see, Richmond, being a Sage means Aita, Isu scientist - husband of Juno herself - hid his memories in your DNA, and it has bubbled up to the surface. Aita does not care about you, and the surfacing of his memories drives most Sages mad. Violet told me this, pretty gleefully. But what, Richmond - and bear with me here as we run the hypothetical - what if your brain was already somehow different? What if you'd already learned to ignore and control voices, visions, in your head? Well then, maybe you could push him down, just enough to access the things that he knows. And taking apart a lock like this would be like taking apart a duplo for him. What then, Richmond?"
―Elijah explaining his abnormal nature, 2017.[src]
According to Elijah, due to the Isu affinity of his unique ancestry, combined with his own heritage as a Sage, he had access to all of the knowledge and abilities of the Isu, without succumbing to Aita's radical misanthropic insanity. Elijah reveals that he did love his late mother very deeply and had sworn vengeance against those who killed her.

He is also skilled at deception, pretending to be a willing ally of the Instruments of the First Will, when in secret he knew they were his mother's killers and had been waiting for the right moment to exact his vengeance against them. He was even clever enough to see through the deception of Juno, realizing that she does not value him, despite him being a Sage, and that she only values her own interests and using him as a pawn.

Equipment and Abilities

According to Elijah, due to the Isu affinity of his unique ancestry, combined with his own heritage as a Sage, he had access to all of the knowledge and abilities of the Isu, without succumbing to Aita's radical misanthropic insanity. He seems to possess an incredibly high amount of First Civilization DNA due to a combination of Sage DNA and high concentrations of Isu DNA from the Miles family. It is unknown whether he can utilize precursor technology much better than other people with Isu ancestry.



  • Elijah is a Hebraic name meaning "My God is Yahweh".



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