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Clan Elgring was a group of Vikings led by their jarl, Toka Sinricsdottir. From 885 to 886, the clan fought the forces of Charles the Fat during his campaign in West Francia.


Formed sometime in the 9th century, Clan Elgring lived in the north of Francia but was forced south by the forces of Charles the Fat. They resettled in the town of Melun. Led by Jarl Sinric, brother of Sigfred. They concurred and plundered around Francia.[1]

Sometime before the Siege of Paris, Sinric was murdered in his sleep, as the men of Charles the Fat, led by Bishop Engelwin, infiltrated Melun and mutilated Sinric. The body was left out in the open, it was unrecognizable but Sigfred recognized the carving that Sinric had won from him when they were children. Sinric's body was buried right outside Melun, a Runestone marking the grave. This event led to Sigfred being crowned the new jarl and fueled his lust for revenge against Charles the Fat.

In 885, preparing for his attack on the city of Paris, Sigfred sent his niece Toka to England to enlist more Jarls to join in the fight. Finding no help from other clans, she sailed to Ravensthorpe, setting up a small guest house and enlisting Eivor Varinsdottir to join the siege. After some deliberation and a feast, Eivor sailed with Toka back to Francia.

With the Raven Clan helping by killing members of the Bellatores Dei, the clan was able to lay siege of Paris. Invading the walls of the Île de la Cité, the forces of Sigfred stormed towards Odo's palace but a trap was set. Many of Sigfred's men were killed and they were obliged to retreat. Admitting defeat, the clan formed an uneasy alliance with Charles the Fat, earning some silver.

Celebrating the riches they had won, a festival was held in the town of Melun. But Sigfred had been delusional with the Norse gods, believing life was only meant for plundering, feasting, and drinking. He wanted to go south and continue to invade Francia but Eivor objected. Wanting only to protect her own lands, she did not agree with invading other lands. Sigfred annoyed with Eivor's disloyalty challenged her to a holmgang but Eivor denied it. Eivior persuaded him to think what Sinric would have said of his revenge lust and Sigfred bent. Deciding to leave the future in Toka's hands he left into the woods to find a new way.

With Toka made Jarl she needed to gain the trust of Count Odo. Eivor was sent to deal with Charles and let him live. Odo frustrated by her decision reluctantly made a truce with Clan Elgring. Thanking Eivor, Toka gave her Sinric's old armband and hoping she could one day lead as well as Eivor does.