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Elena (died 1515) was a young Italian woman who by 1515 was part of Assassin Mentor Ezio Auditore da Firenze's household. She and Hiram Stoddard, one of Ezio's pupils, were in love, stoking the jealousy of Ezio's other apprentice, Giovanni Borgia. That same year, during an altercation with Hiram, Elena accidentally fell off a roof from the shock of seeing Giovanni possessed by the Isu Consus. Her death traumatized Hiram, leading to his desertion of the Assassins.


In 1515, Elena was often present at the home of the home of Ezio Auditore where the aged Assassin Mentor conducted training sessions for his apprentices. She was taken in by the charm of one of his students in particular, the young Englishman Hiram Stoddard, despite a slight language barrier between them. The two would frequently flirt with one another, angering Hiram's rival Giovanni Borgia, who resented Hiram's carefree and cocky personality.

One evening, after agreeing to meet Hiram in private by a large shed, her lover gave her a scarf as a gift. Unbeknownst to them, Giovanni was spying from inside the shed. Moments later, they were interrupted by Ezio who gave instructions to Hiram for a new mission where he and Giovanni were to travel to Florence, meet with the informant Michelangelo, and stop a Templar plot. When Ezio later received a letter from Giovanni reporting the status of the mission, however, Elena could tell by Ezio's reaction that it was bad news. Worried for Hiram, she stole the letter to read and then rushed to Florence to meet with her lover and console him.[1]

However, once there, Giovanni told Elena that Hiram spent the night with another woman after witnessing him consort with a serving girl at a tavern. When Hiram finally awoke in the afternoon to meet with Elena on the tavern's rooftop, she accused him of cheating on her. As Hiram protested his innocence, they were interrupted by Giovanni, joining in to reaffirm the accusation. A furious brawl ensued between the two which lasted until Giovanni was possessed by the Isu Consus to deliver a message to Hiram's descendant Charlotte de la Cruz, knowing that she would later view these memories of Hiram through the Animus. Frightened by Giovanni's possession, which she believed to be Hiram's doing, Elena accidentally slipped from the rooftop and died in the process.[2]


Elena's demise would prove to be traumatizing for Hiram, who would react by violently repressing the reality of what had occurred. By the following year, Hiram had betrayed the Assassins and acquired the nickname of "Bloody Hiram" for his violence and madness. He became obsessed with "finding" his lost lover by stealing back the Apple of Eden he and Giovanni had managed to acquire from their first and last mission together. Due to his own role in Elena's tragedy and Hiram's trauma, Giovanni was motivated to reevaluate his own emotional maturity, later apologizing to Hiram and offering to help rehabilitate him.[1]

Personality and traits

At the time of her untimely death, Elena was a beautiful young woman with dark brownish black hair.[1][2] Hailing from rural Italy, she was described by Michelangelo as having a "country feel" about her.[2] Italian was her native language while her grasp on English was rudimentary at best.[1] Although she was smitten by Hiram Stoddard, she was quick to believe in Giovanni's word that Hiram had an affair with another woman due to the inner doubts she harbored about Hiram's frivolous nature.[2]



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