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"She's a fussock, she is. Fat and slow."
―Edward Thatch, on El Arca del Maestro, 1715.[src]
AC4 El Arca Del Maestro

El Arca del Maestro anchored in Great Inagua

El Arca del Maestro (English: The Ark of the Master) was a Spanish galleon used by the French Templar Julien du Casse in late 1715. The ship was a gift from Laureano de Torres y Ayala, Grand Master of the Caribbean Templars, to help further the Order's goals in the West Indies.

That same year, Edward Thatch and Edward Kenway planned to commandeer the galleon and station it just beyond Nassau's northern harbor, to improve the community's defenses. Using the Jackdaw, Kenway and Thatch tailed the vessel, which eventually went through a storm. As the galleon emerged from a fog bank, she was attacked by three pirate vessels; two gunboats and the Ranger, a brig captained by Charles Vane. However, the galleon responded with a full broadside of heavy shot which destroyed the gunboats and forced Vane to retreat. Knowing that the Jackdaw would be no match for the galleon, Kenway and Thatch were forced to let it go.

El Arca del Maestro subsequently docked at a cove on the island of Great Inagua. Looping around the island, Kenway made his way through the jungle and assassinated du Casse aboard the galleon. Afterward, Edward claimed the cove as his own, while Thatch took the ship's cannons to Nassau and beached the ship itself at Abaco Island.


  • Unlike most Spanish galleons, El Arca del Maestro was painted in a similar fashion to the legendary ship El Impoluto, rather than the reddish-brown colour that was more commonly used for Men O' War.
  • It is not possible to sink or disable the El Arca de Maestro during the memory Proper Defenses but it can be damaged nearly to the brink of being sunk or disabled. Regardless, it will be unscathed when Edward Kenway assassinates Julien du Casse.
  • The middle mast of the El Arca del Maestro when it was beached on Abaco Island would be the tallest viewpoint in the game, but it is unreachable.
  • Considering its name, El Arca del Maestro, the ship might have been Torres' personal vessel, as he was the Grand Master of the Caribbean Templars.
  • The El Arca del Maestro is level 60.




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