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Eivor was a Viking from Norway who participated in raids in England against King Alfred the Great.[3] They[4] were also in possession of a Hidden Blade, using it in combat against the Anglo-Saxons.[5]


In 873 CE,[6] Eivor and their clan of Norsemen fled from Norway to escape the endless war and dwindling resources. They arrived in the southern part of Great Britain, establishing a new settlement.[4] At some point, Eivor encountered a group which served as one of the predecessors of the Assassin Brotherhood and was given access to a Hidden Blade. Keen that the traditionally stealth-based weaponry should be visible to their enemies, Eivor wore the blade over their forearm.[6]

During their travels, Eivor was accompanied by the raven Sýnin.[4]

Personality and characteristics

Eivor was a devoted and confident Viking clan leader, who wasn't scared of dying to protect their people. Despite their deep love for their clan, they were a lone wolf. Indeed, driven by their dream to prove their courage, they prefered to take on all tasks and risks themselves. On top of being a fierce warrior, Eivor was cunning and was a great strategist, as could prove some of their alliances.[7]

Behind the scenes

Eivor has been revealed to be the main protagonist of the upcoming main installment, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. According to Ubisoft, their gender will be customizable, a feature carried over from Valhalla's immediate predecessor, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (2018).[8] However, lead writer Darby McDevitt has confirmed that both gender options are considered canon in a way that will make logical sense.[9] Eivor's appearance, including clothing, hair, and war paint, will also be customizable.[10]


The name Eivor, Eivør or Øyvor is a female given name derived from either Proto-Norse auja, believed to mean 'good luck', or *warjaʀ, meaning 'defender'. It may also come from the combination of Old Norse words ey- or øy- (meaning 'island') and -varr (meaning 'careful').[11]

When he tweeted how the name is meant to be pronounced, Creative Director Ashraf Ismail transcribed it phonetically as "Ay-vor".[12]


In the trailer for Valhalla, Eivor, depicted here as a male, dons his Hidden Blade over his forearm. This unconventional way of wearing it has only been previously seen once before: with the Assassin Darius in the Legacy of the First Blade expansion to Assassin's Creed: Odyssey.




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