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"What have they done? The city lies in ruins. This is worse than I thought, Surtr has put this land to flame and sword."
―Frigg and Odin upon witnessing Eitri, 75000 BCE.[src]

Eitri was an ancient city built by the Isu and the largest one of those located in the realm of Svartálfaheimr.

The city was home to the group later known as Dwarves within Norse mythology. As opposed to other cities like Eden the people of Eitri did not participate in Human slavery, instead prevailing in the craft of weapons and technology such as Pieces of Eden.


The Tower

Around the time of the Human-Isu War, the Precursors who decided not to get involved in the conflict started to investigate in possible solutions to save the planet and their civilization from the Great Catastrophe. One of these consisted of building four towers that would redirect the solar flares into the Grand Temple to dispel it. The first of these towers was built within the city of Eitri, making use of the populace of master craftsmen. In secret, the Isu scientist Juno made regular visits to the site to see to its specific construction, without the knowledge of the rest of the Capitoline Triad. Though, the efforts were stopped midway through constructing even one of these towers since it would take too long.

The Invasion of the Muspels

At the dawn of the Great catastrophe in 75000 BCE, Surtr the warlord of the Muspels invaded the land of Svartálfaheimr. Arriving on huge ships made to terraform the lands to be more hospitable for the North african Muspels. Arriving at the city, the Muspels allegedly destroyed the city, making it a barren wasteland with something that would later be remembered in Norse mythology as the Dragon Níðhǫggr. He set up within the city making it his headquarters, wanting to activate the half finished tower he enslaved the lands populace and forced them to work in extreme conditions to activate the Tower for his own purpose. The Dwarves that survived the decimation and weren't enslaved escaped to hidden Vaults and made them hideouts for other survivors.

Searching for their son Baldr who was captured by the warlord, Odin and his former wife Frigg travelled to the city. Fighting the forces of Surtr and surtr himself inside. Loosing the encounter and loosing Frigg's life in the fight Odin travelled around the lands sometimes going back to the city for investigations and his last faceoff with Surtr.


  • Eitri is an alternative name used for the dwarf Sindri withing the mythology, the decision to use Brokkr and Sindri instead of Brokkr and Eitri was most likely to keep the names closer to how they are in most other media such as the game "God of War" (2018). [citation needed]