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Egypt's Medjay was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan in 2017 through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek sought out Apollodorus to meet with him Cleopatra, hoping to learn more about his son's killers.


After a moment of intimacy with Aya, Bayek looked out from the Paneum with discontent.

  • Aya: What is it?
  • Bayek: The Snake. What if he was not the last?
  • Aya: Of course he was the last! They are all dead. Justice is done!
  • Bayek: Hmph.
  • Aya: If there is any question, Apollodorus will know. He knows all.
  • Bayek: And where will I find this man who knows so much?
  • Aya: He is with Cleopatra. But find his man first near the hippodrome.

Aya made to leave.

  • Bayek: Eh!

Bayek drew her back, and they kissed.

  • Aya: Hmph. I'll tell Phanos that Gennadios is dead and meet you later. Enjoy the hippodrome. Don't lose all your money at the races.

Bayek found Apollodorus' contact at the hippodrome.

  • Machus: Two hundred drachmae on Prasina! And I'll buy everyone beer with the winnings!
  • Man: Can't do it. The betting's too lopsided. Everybody's taking Prasina in tribute to Icarus.
  • Machus: What if we say Prasina has to win by two lengths?
  • Man: Two lengths? You have yourself a bet.

Bayek speaking to Apollodorus' contact

Bayek spoke to the contact.

  • Bayek: I am Bayek. Aya sent me to speak to Apollodorus.
  • Machus: Ssh! I'm sure you can appreciate that my master takes precautions concerning those he meets.
  • Bayek: I have a question only he can answer.
  • Machus: I will tell him you seek his council and that Aya recommends you. Wait for tonight. If he sees fit to meet you, he will be found near the lighthouse then. Until then, the hippodrome's commemorating one of its greatest racers. Plenty of drinking and festivities along with the races themselves, of course. If that appeals.

Bayek made his way to the lighthouse in Kanopos to meet with Apollodorus at night. Apollodorus arrived on a small boat.

Bayek waiting for Apollodorus' arrival

  • Bayek: Apollodorus.
  • Apollodorus: You there! Are you here to kill me or to be my friend?
  • Bayek: Friend. Bayek of Siwa.
  • Apollodorus: Ah! Then your help, please.

Bayek helped Apollodorus take a wounded man off the boat.

  • Apollodorus: You are Aya's Medjay, huh?
  • Bayek: Any other survivors?
  • Man: Only Damastes. They took him prisoner.
  • Apollodorus: And the scroll! What of the scroll?
  • Man: Damastes had it.
  • Apollodorus: That ass Damastes should have destroyed it!

Apollodorus turned to the wounded man.

  • Apollodorus: Cleopatra owes you much. Can you get to a healer by yourself?

The man nodded, and Apollodorus sent him off.

  • Bayek: I've killed Eudoros.
  • Apollodorus: Huh? Well done.
  • Bayek: He was the Snake, yes?
  • Apollodorus: Man to man, Bayek, there is much you have yet to understand.
  • Bayek: Man to man, I need an answer.
  • Apollodorus: I must take the measure of you first. Rescue Damastes and recover the scroll. And then I will know if you are the man that Aya claims you to be.

A frustrated Medjay seeking for answers in vain

  • Bayek: Argh! Where is this Damastes?
  • Apollodorus: He should be on the docks in Kanopos harbor. I can't risk that someone reads the scroll he carries.

Bayek made his way to the harbor.

  • Damastes: Dear Amon, save me!
    Get me out of here !
    I have to sleep in my own filth in here!
    Don't forget about me !

Bayek freed Damastes from his cage.

  • Damastes: Thank you! It was very unpleasant in there. You have killed them all! Bastards, they deserved to die. Get me to a safe place! Then we will talk.

Damastes rescued by Bayek

Bayek escorted Damastes to a safe location.

  • Damastes: I was going to kill all of them. That damn cage was too hard to get out of, is all.
  • Bayek: Apollodorus sent me to help you. Give me the scroll.
  • Damastes: Scroll? I do not have any scroll.
  • Bayek: Your job was to carry it.
  • Damastes: I hid it on our ship. I did not want it to fall into the wrong hands.
  • Bayek: Where is this ship?
  • Damastes: At the bottom of the lake! They sunk it.
  • Bayek: Argh, very well, I will get it. Apollodorus is waiting for you at the lighthouse.
  • Damastes: I will tell him to find you near the sunken ship.

Bayek found the ship at the bottom of Kanopos Lake and recovered the scroll.

  • Bayek: That precious scroll, nek (shit).

Bayek returned to Apollodorus and gave him the scroll.

  • Bayek: Here is your precious papyrus.
  • Apollodorus: Well done, Bayek. I see you are a capable man. Someone I may be able to trust. The scroll was meant for the Roman general Pompey in an effort to sway Rome to Cleopatra's side. She will be grateful to you for keeping the communication secret. She is at my estate, we're headed there now.

Bayek escorting Apollodorus

Bayek and Apollodorus boarded a felucca, sailing for the latter's estate.

  • Bayek: How does Aya fit into all this?
  • Apollodorus: Her cousin Phanos informed me that she was a driven woman stalking deadly prey. It so happened that I, also, had reason to bring down this prey. When Aya was successful, I stepped in to protect her.
  • Bayek: We are grateful.
  • Apollodorus: And we are grateful that you have eliminated Eudoros. He was an odious individual.
  • Bayek: I should tell you that in addition to Eudoros, I put an end to the phylakitai of Alexandria, Gennadios.
  • Apollodorus: Gennadios? I am very glad he is dead, but it will cause serious problems for you. The Phylakes are a tightly bound group. And murderous. They will certainly come after you.
  • Bayek: So be it. Can I ask why you wanted Eudoros dead?
  • Apollodorus: As you know, Cleopatra's brother, Ptolemy, is too young and pliable to be a strong leader. We believe Eudoros was the force behind Ptolemy responsible for so many of Egypt's current ills. You will learn more at the villa.
    Here we are. The villa is up ahead. The queen enjoys the life of high society. I'm pleased that Aya is bringing some sober substance to Cleopatra's social circle. She is an extraordinary woman, your wife.
  • Bayek: I know.
  • Apollodorus: Bayek. Before I can disclose all secrets, Cleopatra must meet and approve of you. She can be particular. Let me give you some advice. When you approach the queen, bend your knee in deference. Speak only in reply. Yours is not to question, but to answer. Do not be distracted by the festivities. She has a large entourage and they like to amuse themselves. Sometimes to excess. Speak clearly, in measured tones, and above all, do not meet her gaze! Ready?
  • Bayek: I cannot wait.

Bayek and Apollodorus entered the estate, where Cleopatra and her court partied on the second floor balcony.

  • Courtier 1: Catch me! Catch me!
  • Apollodorus: This way.
  • Cleopatra: Where is my opium pipe? I will sleep with anyone! As long as they agree to be executed in the morning!
  • Courtier 2: Like Xantides?
  • Cleopatra: He was well satisfied with his bargain.

Cleopatra noticed Bayek.

  • Cleopatra: Who is this toothsome fellow? (Would you pay such a price?)

Bayek meets Cleopatra

  • Apollodorus: My queen, this is—
  • Cleopatra: Well?
  • Bayek: It is a generous offer, but I have already pledged my life to this woman.

Bayek pointed to Aya.

  • Cleopatra: Aya, you have chosen well. Come, we have much to discuss.

Cleopatra turned to her court.

  • Cleopatra: Celebrate, my friends!
  • Apollodorus: You were meant to kneel.

Aya and Bayek introduced to Pasherenptah

Bayek looked at Aya while silently mocking Apollodorus by mouthing his exact words, ending with a joking smile. Aya slapped him playfully. They both followed Apollodoros and Cleopatra into the building, where they were greeted by Pasherenptah.

  • Apollodorus: Ah, Pasherenptah! Meet Aya and Bayek. They put an early end to Eudoros.
  • Pasherenptah: Delightful! You are joining our efforts, then?
  • Bayek: We do not know what your efforts are.
  • Cleopatra: Eudoros was a member of the Order of the Ancients, they are responsible for my exile. They tore me from my throne.
  • Bayek: And why should I care about them?
  • Apollodorus: The Snake has many heads. Those heads make up the Order.
  • Bayek: The Snake is the man who killed my son.
  • Apollodorus: It is not so simple.

Bayek turned to Aya.

  • Bayek: What are they talking about?
  • Aya: I don't know, they must know something.
  • Apollodorus: The Order of Ancients seeks to control all Egypt. Ptolemy is but their puppet.

Cleopatra, Apollodorus, Pasherenptah, Bayek and Aya entered a room with a map of the Kingdom of Egypt.

Cleopatra discussing with Bayek, and company, about the Order of Ancients

  • Cleopatra: We have informants in each region. But they have been unable to touch the Order.
  • Apollodorus: Across Egypt, mysterious forces work against us. For instance, here, in the Nile Delta—The endless sands swallow up whole villages. Yet a malignant human force moves with them. That force is one of the Order of Ancients called the Scarab.

Bayek saw a vision of buildings buried in sand and a masked man entering a meeting in a temple with the Order of the Ancients.

  • Cleopatra: And over here, in most sacred Giza...
  • Apollodorus: A shadowy figure called the Hyena controls all that occurs.

Bayek saw a vision of a pair of hyenas overlooking the pyramids at Giza.

  • Apollodorus: What is certain is that Giza is the land of death... and loss.

In the vision, the Order gathered around a table with a snake drawn on it, and the mummified head of a pharaoh, bearing the double-crown, was place upon it.

  • Cleopatra: And then there's Memphis.
  • Pasherenptah: All is cursed in my land, even the sacred Apis Bull himself. The one called the Lizard has worked a sort of diabolical power.

Bayek saw a vision of the people of Memphis suffering from an illness. The members of the Order knelt before the head of the pharaoh.

  • Bayek: So the Snake is the Order of Ancients?
  • Cleopatra: Yes. Eudoros was known as the Hippo.
  • Aya: You were right, my love. He was not the last one. All of these are.
  • Cleopatra: When the Order wants something, as in Siwa, it does not hesitate to crush all in its path.
  • Apollodorus: First Siwa, now Faiyum. It is the most opressed region in all of Egypt. Where the Crocodile wields cruel power. The denizens live in constant fear. That is the fate that awaits all Egypt if we fail to stop the Order.

The Order of Ancients portrayed by Bayek's imagination

Bayek saw a vision of the people of Faiyum being abused by soldiers. As the members of the Order knelt, a snake crawled around the head of the pharaoh, which changed into the head of Khemu in Bayek's mind.

  • Cleopatra: We need decisive action. It is time for assassinations.
  • Aya: We still have not found the man who killed Khemu. Our son's shade will weep with joy when we clear the map of those figures.
  • Cleopatra: You are my Medjay now! Protector of the true Pharaoh of Egypt.

Cleopatra offered Bayek a Medjay badge, asking for his service.

  • Bayek: So it shall be! Tonight, we drink, celebrate, make love! Tomorrow...

Bayek took off his old Medjay badge that marked him as Ptolemy's Medjay, and replaced it with the one offered by Cleopatra. The following morning, he and Aya kissed farewell before departing on his hunt.

  • Aya: The Order of Ancients has no idea what is coming their way.
    I will be heading north soon to defend Cleopatra at sea.
    You should begin your journey my love.
    Ouf, my head still aches from last night...


Bayek learned that the men he had killed were part of the Order of the Ancients, a larger organization that held responsibility for the death of his son. He also pledged allegiance to Queen Cleopatra.



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