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This article is about the Roman Senator. You may be looking for the gladiator trainer.
"You ever look at a grave and think "This is the most significant thing I will ever do?""
―Egidio Troche.[src]

Egidio Troche (born 1436) was a Roman Senator during the Renaissance in Italy.

He had one younger brother, Francesco, who was a personal friend of the Captain General of the Papal forces, Cesare Borgia.


Roman Senate[]

Egidio was born to a Roman Senator, and chose to follow in his father's footsteps. As described in a letter by his brother, Egidio was a "naive idealist". He strove to shift control from the Papacy to the democratic Roman Commune, and empower the Conservatori.[1]

However, the Pope seized control over nearly all of Rome, including urban planning, public works, and finances. The Conservatori were left merely to plan parties, and Capitoline Hill, the previous center of civic government, became little more than a "living museum".[1]

Despite this, most of the Roman senators chose to turn a blind eye, and in 1494, Egidio mourned in a letter, "Am I the only one in all of Rome who continues to seek freedom and justice?"[1]

Shortly afterwards, in 1495, Egidio become a regular patron to the Rosa in Fiore brothel.[1]

War plans[]

Unlike his brother, Francesco embraced the Papacy's influence, and had gone to work under the Pope as his chamberlain and secretary. At this time, he became a close friend and confidant of Cesare Borgia, Pope Alexander VI's son.[1]

In 1503, while under the influence, Francesco spoke to his brother about Cesare's war plans for Romagna, which Egidio quickly relayed to the ambassador of Venice. Within the letter he wrote, Egidio openly revealed his hatred for Cesare; unbeknownst to him, one of his letters was intercepted, and Cesare blamed the leak of information on Francesco.[1]

The Banker[]

A few months after sending the letter, Egidio fell into debt with one of Cesare's mysterious generals, a man known simply as "the Banker". He continually complained about this to the courtesans of the Rosa in Fiore.[2]

The Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze eventually learned of this debt from his sister, the Madame of the Rosa in Fiore. As he needed to find the Banker, Ezio sought out Egidio in the Campidoglio.[2]

Escape debt 2

Egidio being threatened by Borgia guards

However, that day, Egidio had been cornered by Borgia guards, who had come to collect the debt he owed. Though he promised them he would have the money momentarily, they did not believe him, and began to beat him. Swiftly, Ezio came to the Senator's rescue, killing the attackers and escorting Egidio safely through Rome until they arrived at Francesco's house.[2]

During their walk together, Egidio brought up his dislike of the Borgia for robbing the Roman Senate of power. He even admitted to gambling and drinking – and whoring, as Ezio added – because he was powerless to do anything more.[2]

Egidio was grateful for Ezio's actions, particularly when the Assassin gave him the three thousand florins he needed to pay his debt, with only the condition that Egidio keep an eye on the politicians aiding Cesare. Egidio agreed, though not without obvious reluctance; mostly because it would mean that his brother could also become a target in the future.[2]

Follow money 6

Egidio handing Ezio's money over to Borgia guards

When Egidio met up with one of the Banker's guards to deliver the payment for his debt, he was led to the Pantheon, with Ezio following him from above. There, Egidio was held until they were sure the debt had been paid in full, while Luigi Torcelli, the commanding Borgia captain, counted the money he had brought.[2]

After Egidio's payment had been deemed complete, a guard moved to kill him, however, Ezio ordered the guards to let Egidio go free, as he had assassinated Luigi and disguised himself in the man's armor.[2]



Egidio speaking to Ezio at the Rosa in Fiore

Shortly after the death of the Banker, Egidio paid a visit to the Rosa in Fiore, where he discussed his findings with Ezio's mother, Maria. Ezio soon arrived, and the two exchanged pleasant greetings.[2]

Afterward, as he had agreed, Egidio informed Ezio of several potential targets for assassination who served the Borgia.[2]