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Edward Kenway's fleet was built sometime around 1716 in the West Indies. It consisted of captured vessels, which were subsequently captained by some of Kenway's crew members, and sent on various trading missions around the Atlantic Ocean. The fleet eventually consisted of fifteen ships of different types, not including the Jackdaw.

Trading missions

Gulf of Mexico

  1. The General Store
  2. Diplomacy I
  3. A Good Deed
  4. Diplomacy II
  5. Fortune's Flavor

Southern British Colonies

  1. First Business
  2. The Sail Mates
  3. American Dreams
  4. New Horizon

Eastern British Colonies

  1. Taste of Money
  2. The Empty Cellar
  3. Secret Medicine
  4. New Partners
  5. Save the Children
  6. Emerging Opportunities

Eastern Canada

  1. Promises to Keep
  2. The Lost Expedition I
  3. Scarlatina
  4. The Lost Expedition II
  5. Old Partners
  6. Break of Dawn II
  7. The Lost Expedition III

North West Europe

  1. Homeward Bound
  2. A Worthy Trip
  3. Welcoming the Irish
  4. A New Cathedral
  5. The Poet
  6. The Great Plague
  7. A Piece of the Action
  8. A Long Voyage

Bay of Biscay

  1. Alliance I
  2. Hungry Corsairs
  3. The Corsairs' Request
  4. Alliance II
  5. Sweet Broth
  6. A Sweet Journey
  7. Successful Atlantic


  1. New Trading Posts
  2. The Old Man's Order
  3. Cursed Night
  4. Do No Harm

Mediterranean Sea

  1. Great Reputation I
  2. Being Mad
  3. Great Reputation II
  4. The Catalans
  5. The Smokers
  6. Great Reputation III
  7. A New Medicine

North Africa

  1. A Popular Stop
  2. Feeding the Fathers
  3. The Sweet Tooth
  4. The Cook's Order
  5. The Famous Stew
  6. The Musicians
  7. Before the Storm

Cape Verde

  1. An Old Frenchman
  2. Meet the Tributes I
  3. Giant Appetites
  4. Meet the Tributes II

South Africa

  1. A Promise of Profit
  2. The Eager Hunters
  3. Door to Europe
  4. Table Bay's Luck
  5. New Economic Hub

South Atlantic

  1. A Feast of Riches
  2. Outlaws III
  3. Diplomacy III
  4. Brethren of the Coast I
  5. To the South
  6. Good Works
  7. The Big Smoke


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