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Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan

Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan (27 February 1797 – 29 May 1880) was an Irish doctor and journalist living in Montréal, Canada.


On 24 June 1834, Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan met a messenger of Ludger Duvernay, who told him the meeting was prepared to take place that night. Edmund made his way to the meeting and was guided to the garden of McDonnell. He and sixty other men held a soirée, celebrating the creation of the Parti patriote to oppose their enemies,[1] the Château Clique; secretly the leading organization of the Templars in Canada.[2]

During that same soirée, O'Callaghan heard a strange noise coming from upstairs and went to investigate. He found a murdered man and an unconscious violist besides him, and Larose explained to him that the violist was one of their enemies, and that he had been the one to kill the other man.[1]



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