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Edmund (unknown – 1805) was a former marine and deserter who was active in Tripoli during the 19th century. He was also an old friend of Napoleon's agent Jan van der Graff.


In 1805, Edmund and Ahkbar met in the shady Octopus' Beak-tavern with van der Graff and Solomon Bolden to give them intel about the secret entrances to Sultan Selim III's palace. Before he left, Edmund remembered their agreement to van der Graff; if the Flemish was to find the diamond, he would respect his word and give a share to Edmund who would then use it to finally return home.[1]

However as he exited the Octopus's Beak, Edmund met a patrol of soldiers, who recognized him as a deserter and shot him in the head as he tried to flee.[1]

Behind the scenes

The features of Edmund, a character in Assassin's Creed: Templars, are based on the features of actor Eddie Marsan. [citation needed]