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"Blighters! Make 'em sorry!"
―Edith threatening the Frye twins, 1868.[src]

Edith Swinebourne (died 1868) was a British Templar and one of the seven gang leaders that controlled all of London's boroughs around 1868.


"Outta the way!"
―Edith during the gang war, 1868.[src]

Prior to 1868, Edith Swinebourne was one of the seven individuals that were hand-picked by Grand Master Crawford Starrick, and trained by Maxwell Roth, to lead the Blighters in London, and she was given control over the Thames. [citation needed]

Swinebourne felt that she needed to be in a manic condition—induced by drugs—in order to accomplish what she wanted, and quickly became known for only fighting when under influence, which made her nearly invincible. [citation needed]

When the Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye arrived in London, they started working with Henry Green to liberate London's boroughs from Blighter control. It did not take long for the Thames Blighters to be challenged to a gang war, which she agreed to. As per her beliefs, she injected herself with a berserk dart before joining her gang in fighting the Rooks. Despite her frenzied state, Swinebourne was no match for the Frye twins and was killed by them, liberating the Thames borough from Templar control.[1]