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"I do not understand how anyone could live here. Small wonder Hutchinson went mad – this place feels mad."
―Connor on Edinburgh Castle, 1776.[src]-[m]
The Mad Doctor's Castle 1

Connor arriving at Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle was an estate and manor house located in Jamaica.


In 1768, the property was purchased by by Scottish doctor Lewis Hutchinson, who gained a reputation as "The Mad Doctor". He was known to shoot passers-by from the estate's circular towers, causing the locals to avoid it as much as possible. However, the main road of the area lay parallel to the manor, meaning travelers were an easy target for Hutchinson. His victims would be robbed off their valuables, following which their bodies were tossed into a nearby sinkhole.[1]

After Hutchinson was arrested and hanged in 1773 for murder, the manor was abandoned.[1] Later, in 1776, the Colonial Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton, known by the adopted name of Connor, traveled to the abandoned residence to find a piece of a map leading to William Kidd's hidden treasure. The document had previously been in the possession of Joseph Palmer, a friend of Kidd's, but eventually ended up in Hutchinson's personal museum.[2]

His investigation led Connor to realize that a thief had attempted to steal the piece of the map, but had been killed by Hutchinson. After searching the manor for clues and solving a riddle hidden in Hutchinson's clock, the Assassin found a hidden dungeon below the castle, where Hutchinson had disposed of his victims' bodies. Amidst a pile of skeletons, Connor located the thief's corpse and claimed the piece of the treasure map.[2]