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"Thanks to many of our projects, we now hold indisputable evidence that the Bible, despite what any of us may believe, holds some truths. [...] Eden, however, was a false paradise."
―An Abstergo Industries dossier.[src]
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Eden, or the Garden of Eden, was an ancient city built by the Isu.

The city was home to Phanes, a leading scientist in Project Anthropos, a programme designed to develop a resiliant, docile workforce enslaved to the Isu by way of the Pieces of Eden.[1] The city was also described as being hostile to Atlantis and the Sister Realms of the Underworld and Elysium by Azaes.[2]

At some point, Adam and Eve two of the first hybrids tried to escape Eden through freerunning, after having stolen one of the Apples of Eden, although they were stopped by an unknown force.[3]

In modern times, Clay Kaczmarek, a descendant of Adam, revealed Adam and Eve's escape to his successor in the Animus Project, Desmond Miles, through a video file named the Truth; this video showed glimpses of Eden.[3]

Later on, after Desmond had recovered all of the glyphs and solved the rifts in the Animus' programming, he encountered an executable file dubbed "the Miracle" by Clay. Through loading it in the Animus Virtual Training Program and discovering the path to navigate, Desmond encountered Clay's virtual copy, who told him "Eden. She... in Eden. Find Eve. The key. Her DNA...", referencing the location.[4]


  • The garden of Eden (Hebrew גַּן עֵדֶן, Gan ʿEḏen / Arabic جنات عدن, Jannat Eadn) appears in the Bible, Talmud and Quran as the primeval garden where God settled the first two humans: Adam and Eve. Eden is thought to derive from an Aramaic root meaning 'fruitful, well-watered'.
  • The mountain behind Eden strongly resembles Mount Kilimanjaro, found in eastern Africa.
  • Eden greatly resembles the common idea of a futuristic 'green city', with roofs used to grow greenery, implying the environment was important to the Isu.




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