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Eddie Gorm (died 28 October 1943) was a member of the British Brotherhood of Assassins who operated in Europe during World War II. He is the father of Julia Gorm and the grandfather of Maxime Gorm.

After being left to die by Boris Pash following the suicide of Julia Dusk in Poland, Eddie survived his injuries and tracked down his former mentor. Rendered mad by the loss of Dusk and convinced that the Assassins were a curse upon the world, Gorm infiltrated the USS Eldridge to kill Nikola Tesla in order to put an end to Pash's experiments with the Apple of Eden before shooting himself into the head.


Early life

Eddie was born into a family which was descended from a long line of Assassins, a fact of which he was unaware. Eventually, Eddie and his brother, Marc, joined the Royal Navy. In 1931, while in service at a naval base in Invergordon, Scotland, Eddie was in charge of putting an end to a mutiny on the ship HMS Hood led by his brother Marc, who was the commander of the ship. Eddie was ordered to execute his brother, which he refused. Finally, Marc was sent to the Russian front and ended his life in a gulag, leaving a wife, Maria, and two children, Justine and Paul. Eddie took charge of his brother's family but left the Navy, not finding his place there.

Becoming a spy

In the years that followed, Eddie started a docking business with his friend, Stan, called Gorm & Co. In addition to the trade, they did not hesitate to obtain military rations illegally and sell them profitably on the black market.

On September 7, 1940, at the East End docks, Eddie took part in a fight that ended in a general melee. The fault of Spencer, a rival who wanted to take control of their business. After Eddie and Stan returned to their warehouse a few hours later, Eddie stated that he was not afraid of the German bombardments, unlike Stan, who would have liked to leave the quays for some time for their safety.

Later on, Stan appealed to a certain Jack Turpin and his right arm Robert Burton, notorious bandits who wanted to hire the dockers and their band for a break in town. Eddie said they would think about it and after they left, he told Stan that they would never work for them, as they were dangerous gangsters.

Afterwards, Eddie was approached by two American officers, Colonel Boris Pash and Lieutenant Julia Dusk, who offered him a mission to infiltrate the atomic program of Nazi Germany. However, Eddie was reluctant to help them. As they were arguing, an armada of German planes attacked London and a bomb hit Eddie's house, killing his widowed sister-in-law and her two children. Distraught, Eddie drowned his sorrows in alcohol until Pash and Dusk found him one week later and convinced him to accept their offer.

Upon being informed that "Jack Turpin" was actually an SS officer and spy named Otto Hammerstein, Eddie approached him and pretended to defect to the Germans. Some days later, Eddie, Stan and Hammerstein's men raided the hotel room of French scientists who had refugeed in London, stealing their research on the heavy-water reactor. Hammerstein told the dockers to wait for him outside the hotel and offered the scientists a choice: To die in the hotel room or accept to be smuggled to Germany. Curious about Hammerstein's motives, Stan disobeyed and discovered that Hammerstein was a Nazi spy. Having followed Stan back to the room, Eddie was forced to kill him in order to prove his loyalty to Hammerstein.

Infiltrating the SS

Over the course of two years, Eddie incorporated himself into the SS. During this time, Julia Dusk became his contact in Berlin, strengthening Eddie's resolve at the times when he doubted his mission, having increasing difficulties to hide his contempt for the Germans. By 1942, Eddie had become a trusted defector and officer in the SS, the "Untersturmfurher". That year, while on guard duty at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, Eddie and Hammerstein talked to SS officer Josef Mengele, who revealed that the research on his superhuman project, übermensch, was progressing very fast thanks to the help of General Gero Kramer. Shortly after, Eddie was summoned by General Kramer, whom he was to meet in person for the first time. Kramer accused Eddie of being a spy, remarking that his service record cast doubt on his defection. However, Eddie simply explained that he had always served his country but that in return it had unjustly taken everything from him, seemingly convincing Kramer.

A few days later, before an audience of SS agents, Eddie listened as Kramer made an eloquent speech about the power of the Reich and Dr. Werner Heisenberg, the leader of the Uranprojekt. Losing his temper, Eddie stabbed Hammerstein and succeeded in taking Heisenberg hostage, threatening to kill him with his Luger if they did not let them leave the room. After Kramer ordered his men to hold back and Eddie was able to isolate himself with his hostage, he questioned Heisenberg on the uranprojekt. Heisenberg confessed that it was only a front for the real project that was kept hidden in Norway, in Vemork, a hydroelectric plant, a project which involved the construction of a device called "Die Glocke".

While Eddie had a moment of inattention, Heisenberg took the opportunity to break a glass laboratory utensil on his head. Afterwards, soldiers burst into the room and Eddie was forced to flee. Fortunately, Julia jumped into the room through a window and saved Eddie from the soldiers, although she ended up getting hit by a bullet while the two were fleeing the building. Meeting with Pash outside, the three of them entered a getaway vehicle and escaped. While on the way to a hideout in the city, Eddie recognized the vehicle's driver, Robert Burton, Hammerstein's henchman, and tried to strangle him. However, Eddie stopped when Pash revealed that Burton was one of his agents. After arriving at the hideout, Burton treated the injury of an unconscious Julia while Pash revealed to Eddie that they were Assassins and that Eddie himself was descended from a long line of Assassins. Upon learning this, Eddie decided to become an Assassin and join the Brotherhood.

Die Glocke

In the months that followed, Eddie was initiated into the Brotherhood and trained by Pash, becoming a full-fledged Assassin. On 27 February 1943, Eddie was parachuted into Vemork, eliminated the SS guards and infiltrated the building. When he entered the heart of the factory, Kramer, whom Eddie now knew to be a Templar, was waiting for him, seated in the machine and armed with a machete. As the two engaged in hand-to-hand combat, Eddie initially seemed to win by cutting into Kramer with his blades, eventually trying to kill him with his own machete. However, Kramer ultimately overpowered Eddie by grabbing him by his throat and lifting him off the ground until he lost consciousness.

As he regained consciousness, Eddie was tied by Kramer to the machine chair, which had been designed by Nikola Tesla. Kramer explained that the machine, coupled with electric Tesla coils, a heavy water reactor designed by the French scientists whom Eddie helped abduct in London in 1940 and an Apple of Eden, was capable of exploring the past of the connected individual. Kramer then explained what the Pieces of Eden were to Eddie, and how a single Apple had already gifted the Templars with incredible knowledge of genetics, revealing that Mengele had access to the Apple and had successfully applied his übermensch project on Kramer, which Kramer demonstrated by showing that his wounds from their fight had already closed. Kramer then revealed his goal of using Eddie's genetic memory, which contained an important line of Assassins, to locate other Pieces of Eden. As Tesla started the machine, Eddie screamed in pain.


In 2016, Eddie's grandson, Maxime Gorm, relived his memories in an effort to locate the Apple of Eden held by Kramer. However, because Eddie was put in Die Glocke when Maxime was reliving his memories, something went wrong and Maxime's consciousness was switched with Eddie's, the latter waking up in Maxime's body.

Equipment and skills

Gorm was an able alpinist, as he managed to scale frozen cliffs with little difficulty.

In addition to the traditional dual hidden blades, Gorm carried a handgun and a Thompson submachine gun as his main weapons. He also kept three grenades on his back.


  • Despite Gorm committing suicide, shooting himself in the head, his 21st century descendant, Maxime, was still able to witness his memories to the point of Eddie's death. It's not known if Eddie Gorm somehow survived to father a child, if Maxime was reliving Eddie's memories through a DNA sample taken directly from the British body or if it's a continuity error.




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