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Echoes Through the Animus was a Helix Rift Event in Assassin's Creed: Rebellion that lasted from December 7–11, 2019 in celebration of Rebellion's one-year release anniversary. Unlike most Events, it comprised of a number of glitched missions that revisited locations featured in past Events released over 2019.

Successful mission synchronization gave players Data Nodes which unlocked various reward tiers based on the total Nodes collected, with the top tier granting players the character Al Mualim to play in future missions, Codex, and Level 5 crafting material. Players could earn extra Nodes if they used one or more of the following Sync Bonus Heroes:

Node Bonuses per Hero
Hero Bonus Data Nodes
Beatriz de Navarrete +50% initially, +25% for
each additional rank
Mayya al-Dabbaj
Claudia Auditore +75% initially, +25% for
each additional rank
Rosa Gallego
Kassandra +100% initially, +25% for
each additional rank
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad

Official Synopsis

Abstergo Entertainment is proud to announce the Mobile Animus's 1st Anniversary Event! In celebration of a year of exploration and thrilling adventure, Abstergo will be providing users with a special Anniversary tour!Users will be led on a journey through some of the best moments from genetic memories released over the last twelve months!

Ge ready! Your tour will take you from Ancient Greece to Renaissance Spain, with stops in Egypt, the Holy Land, and Italy along the way. Find new points of interest within each environment and synchronize them to your Mobile Animus to unlock the past!

Who know what new secrets will be discovered? Celebrate the year with Abstergo Entertainment and perhaps you can find out!


Chapter 1 – Haueris Nome, 46 BCE

Chapter 2 – Granada, 1498

Chapter 3 – Acre, 1191

Chapter 4 – Florence, 1493

Chapter 5 – Greece, 429 BCE


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