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"I'm but a small tool in the hands of the gods. But sometimes that's what they need."

Echion (died 429 BCE), also known as the Watcher, was a member of the Persian Order of the Ancients, operating under the Order of Hunters branch during the 5th century BCE.


After the leader of their Order charged the Order of Hunters to seek out and eliminate the "Tainted Ones", the Magi of the branch, Pactyas the Huntsman, led his followers into Makedonia, Greece.[1]

Echion was well-versed in secrecy, and for this reason Pactyas tasked him with a special mission: given that everyone ignored the man, Echion was told to watch everything, see everything. And make sure the presence of their Order in Makedonia remained secret, especially from the the Cult of Kosmos. Echion was further told to keep a keen eye on anything related to the Cult, and report any sign or rumour of their presence to Pactyas as soon as possible.[2]

In 429 BCE, Echion found Hylas and recruited him to the Order's service. Hylas' exuberance and desire for revenge ultimately led the Spartan misthios Kassandra to discover Echion. As he was a member of the Order of Hunters, she slew him.[2]


  • Echion (Ἐχίων) is a Greek name derived from the Greek word ἔχις (ékhis) "snake, adder, viper" with the masculine suffix -ων (-ōn).
    • He shares his name with multiple figures in Greek mythology.
  • Echion will not spawn before being revealed.



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