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Ece Ashkar was a member of the Ottoman Brotherhood of Assassins in Constantinople, who took part in a number of missions on the orders of Yusuf Tazim, prior to Ezio Auditore's arrival to the city in 1511.


Some time after the "Little Judgement Day", Yusuf learned of a large number of mercenaries that were preparing to target the Assassin headquarters in Galata. Ece, along with a number of fellow Assassins, were tasked to defend the headquarters.

At a later time, Ece was tasked with traveling to Bursa, in order to create an alliance with Prince Korkut. Korkut's "clumsy response" alerted the Templars to the negotiations between the two, so the prince's envoy was tailed to the meeting. However, Ece and a group of Assassins "destroyed" the Templar pursuers, and after a meeting with Prince Korkut, Yusuf had agreed with the prince that in return for him allowing his coffers to be open to the Assassins, the Assassins would escort the prince's advisers to Antalya, where his father, Sultan Bayezid, had made him Governor.

After voicing his concern of the Prince taking administrative power of such an important city, Yusuf told Ece to "never underestimate a father's over-estimation of his son's abilities."

On the road, the Assassin escort, containing Ece, was attacked by Templar agents. The Assassins prevailed though, and delivered Korkut and his men safely to Antalya. From there on, the Assassins were given weapons and gunpowder, enough to equip the Sultan's army, in exchange for their protection.

When preparing to travel back to Constantinople, the Order received news that large numbers of Templars were training in Rhodes, the home city of the Hospitaliers. With this in mind, the Assassins believed that there was little doubt that the Order of St. John was supporting – or at the least turning a blind eye to – the Templars. Following this, Yusuf decided that they needed to know if this was where the mercenaries that had previously attacked them were being trained.

A highly skilled strike team was then selected to travel Rhodes to assess the Templars' training program, of which Ece was chose for the task. If the Templars were training in Rhodes, the strike team was to hit hard and quietly, so that they would cause fear into the training mercenaries.

Before Ece and the strike team set sail however, Yusuf pulled the Assassin aside and informed him that the Italian Mentor Ezio Auditore had left Rome a number of months previously, and was bound for the Holy Land. The messengers that bought the information had told Yusuf that they believed his travels were in relation to the Templar threat.

Ece considered that Ezio's expertise would be needed, stating that "lacking our own Mentor for the time being, we stand ready to welcome the Maestro (As I believe the Italians call him) from Italia."



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