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Ebels (died 886) was a Frankish high-ranking warrior, who was a brother to fellow warrior and priest, Gozlin. A member of the religious zealotical Bellatores Dei, he was known to the populace as an executioner and leader of the Frankish armies.[1]


Although there is little known about Ebels, the zealot was known for his notoriety as a part of a brother-warriors duo alongside Gozlin. During his time, Ebels was seen to be more blood-thirsty and more prone to violence, in comparison to his brother.[1] Also unlike his more devout brother, Ebels had a habit of regularly frequenting brothels to hire the services of courtesans, something that Gozlin prayed would end soon so they could continue what he saw as their divine purpose from God.[2]

Near Defender's Rest, a public execution took place. where both Ebels and Gozlin were to kill a man for a sin against their God, or their king. Gozlin spoke to the public as Ebels awaited closeby with his axe, while the Viking jarl Sigfred of the Elgring Clan and jarlskona Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan watched from afar. However, Ebels, impatient, swung his axe and killed the man quickly.[1]


When the siege's plans finally commenced, the Northerners made it through to the entrance of the Île de la Cité, while behind the entrance's gates, Ebels, alongside Count Odo of France and Gozlin, awaited them. Ebels and Gozlin stayed to face the incoming opposition, while Count Odo took his leave. The gates opened as Ebels and Gozlin were met by their opposition, which included Eivor, Sigfred, and Toka Sinricsdottir. As Gozlin and Sigfred traded their own prayers, Ebels signaled Gozlin to leave as he guarded the gates with his soldiers. Ebels readied himself and proclaimed no one will be able to enter, while Sigfred left Eivor to Ebels. A battle ensued and Ebels was killed in combat by Eivor. With Ebels dead, the Vikings broke through the gates and officially started the siege.[3]




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