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Easy Come, Easy Go was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus2.01.


After Ezio Auditore burned the Borgia tower, he renovated a horse stable, then continued talking with Niccolò Machiavelli about their plans for the Templars and the Borgia.


Ezio renovated the stable, took a horse and began to follow Machiavelli.

  • Machiavelli: You excel at opening wounds, Ezio, but can you also close them?
  • Ezio: I intend to heal the sickness, not treat its symptoms.
  • Machiavelli: Stop sparring with me.
  • Ezio: Fine. Let us talk openly then. Rodrigo Borgia's death would not have solved anything.
  • Machiavelli: I am inclined to disagree.
  • Ezio: Look at this city, the center of Borgia and Templar rule. Killing one man will not change things. We need to take away the source of their power.
  • Machiavelli: Are you suggesting we appeal to the people?
  • Ezio: Maybe.
  • Machiavelli: Relying on the people is like building on the sand.
  • Ezio: You are wrong. Our belief in humanity rests at the heart of the Assassin Brotherhood.

A thief ran past, and stole Ezio's money pouch.

  • Machiavelli: He must be from your inner circle. Go. Get back what he has stolen.
Easy go 3

Ezio tackling the pickpocket

Ezio dismounted his horse, and Machiavelli turned to leave.

  • Machiavelli: I will wait at the Campidoglio (Capitoline Hill). I am meeting a contact there.

Ezio began to chase the thief.

  • Ezio: Give me back my money!
    Come back here!
    You are making a big mistake.

Ezio caught the thief.

  • Ezio: Get out of here before I regret sparing your life.


Ezio managed to catch up with the thief and tackled him. The Assassin then retrieved his money and let the thief go.



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