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The Kingdom of East Anglia was a swampy Anglo-Saxon kingdom during the Medieval period in what is now eastern England.

After King Edmund was killed in 869, East Anglia was absorbed by the Great Heathen Army into the Danelaw under Ubba and Guthrum. Some time later, Wessex liberated and conquered East Anglia from the Danes before being united into the Kingdom of England.[1]


Early history

The region around East Anglia was one of the first to be settled in the 5th century by the Anglo-Saxons, Germanic tribes which migrated from Northern Europe. In the 6th century, the East Anglian tribes began to consolidate into one political entity and came to be led by its first king, Wehha.[2] With the emergence of other Anglo-Saxon kingdoms throughout England, East Anglia was included as part of the Heptarchy by the later Medieval historians.[1]

For much of its later history, East Anglia came under aggression from the nearby kingdom of Mercia and eventually came under its control which last until 825, where they regained a period of independence thanks to the aid from the Kingdom of Wessex.[2]

Viking occupation and influence

In 865, East Anglia came under invasion by the Great Heathen Army, a coalition of Norse seafarers from Scandinavia during their expansion throughout Europe. East Anglia was largely devasted and ceased to be an independent kingdom, as their kings, Edmund and Æthelred II both fell to the Vikings. From then on, East Anglia came to be home to the Norse raiders who made the region their permanent residence, including Valdis' clan and Rued's clan.[1] By the 870s, the jarl Halfdan Ragnarsson appointed a steward by the name of Finnr to elect and crown a new king.[3]




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