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Ears to the Ground was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


The war rages on in Greece, and our mercenary services are in high demand! We've been hired for a lucrative contract with the Spartans. In spite of their notoriously famous might and fierceness, the Spartans are wise enough to use any means necessary to gain an edge in battle. First, they wish to use us for intelligence-gathering.

The Athenians in Arkadia have set up a war council to discuss their military strategy. The Spartans have ordered is to infiltrate their camp and eavesdrop on their meeting. We must be stealthy to avoid detection.


The mercenaries made their way through the Athenian camp and eventually reached the command tent.

  • Athenian Strategos: Ares favors us! The great generals Aetius, Thaddeus, and Eugenius are united in leading us against the Spartans. And general Eugenius just arrived in Arkadia last night.
  • Athenian Hoplite: Eugenius is here?! It is said that his presence on the battlefield can instantly change the tide of battle.
  • Athenian Strategos: Indeed, he is a military genius, only surpassed by Aetius' cunning and Thaddeus' fierceness. Soon, Eugenius will depart for Argolis, where he will lead the defense against the Spartan invaders.
  • Athenian Hoplite: Ah! I pity the fools. With Eugenius there, they will suffer a quick defeat!


The mercenaries learned valuable information concerning the troop movements and leaders of the Athenians' newest campaign.


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