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Bishop Ealhferth (died 877), also known as The Seax, was a Anglo-Saxon member of the Wardens of Faith sect of the Order of the Ancients in England during the 9th century. Holding the title of Preost, Ealhferth faked his death in order to remain hidden from prying eyes within the city of Wincestre.


Born into a poor and religious family, Ealhferth, with his family, settled in northern England. Having a tight relationship with his mother, Ealhferth heard stories of God's permanent love and long kindness from his mom. All of this changed when his mother died at the hands of Norsemen raiders and Ealhferth could not handle this moment. Starting that day, Ealhferth renounced Christianity and with the Order, he found the means for vengeance. Posing as a bishop, Ealhferth controlled the people of Wincestre by using the words of God.[1]

The title, The Seax, was mentioned in a letter of the Poor Fellow-Soldier of Christ, given from King Aelfred to his guest, Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan. There were three targets, which were The Seax, The Quill, and The Gallows, who wanted to kill Aelfred. From Aelfred's note, The Seax himself was believed to be dead already.[2]

The dicussion about The Seax's fate was held between Eivor and Reeve Goodwin after The Quill's demise[3]. To determine the validity of The Seax's death, Bishop Ealhferth's funeral was taking place in St. Peter's churchyard. Thus, The Seax's fate would be concluded once Eivor went to intrude on the ceremony.[4]

During the funeral, the body in question proved to be nothing of the late bishop's but of a random man. When Harriet, Ealhferth's sister, was rightfully accused her of her part of the burning the dead man's face, she refused to talk anymore and summoned the guards after Eivor. However, the guards were defeated as Harriet revealed that Ealhferth was at the Witan to convince Aelfred to step down. Ealhferth's plan, however, was to strike Aelfred down during his Witan speech.[4]

Ealferth helmetless

Moments later, at the Witan Hall, Ealhferth was hiding among the guards bearing the same appearance. Waiting for the right time, Ealhferth walked up in front of a speaking Aelfred and announced his attack. However, before the bishop can deliver the first blow, Ealhferth was assassinated by Eivor. Thus, in his demise, Ealhferth failed in his plans to kill Aelfred. From his death, Ealhferth left Harriet behind a key, which was later given to Eivor. This key led to an entrance of another Temple of Mithras, under Wincestre.[4]


  • Like other Order members, Ealhferth's cutscene in the Memory Corridor differs. His confession consisted of the shadows of Danes, as he proclaimed his death will start a new, worse Order as he threw his medallion towards Eivor, before walking into his grave and then disappearing.
    • Ealhferth's facial profile is not seen until his cutscene in the Memory Corridor. In fact, the given profile is similar to the Order's Zealots.
  • Ealhferth is one of a group of English Order members, who faked their beliefs in Christianity in order to masquerade in plain sight to the public, while believing in the true Gods.
  • Ealhferth is one of the four Order members that wanted and planned to kill Aelfred, along with The Gallows, The Quill, and The Instrument.
  • Ealhferth's assassination shares many similarities with the assassination of Robert de Sablé from the 2007 video game Assassin's Creed. Both try to kill the protagonist during funerals and use decoy to lure their murderer.



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