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Eagle of Suger

The Eagle of Suger was a sword acquired by Arno Dorian during his time in Franciade during the French Revolution. A powerful relic imbued with the power to emit blinding flashes of light when it struck an enemy, the weapon was created using knowledge from the First Civilization.


Around 1140, the French Abbot Suger ordered goldsmiths to update an antique vase with eagle features, creating Suger's Eagle, which was later rumored to have been commissioned by the prelate to contain a powerful weapon. The rumors were true as Suger had created a sword, using the knowledge of the Apple of Eden contained in the Head of Saint Denis that was hidden in the temple below the city, "bathing the Eagle into its light" according to the legend. The sword's hilt was golden, patterned akin to feathers, the crossguard resembling a pair of wings, and the pommel in the shape of an eagle's head.

At some point the sword was taken out from the vase and hidden in a secret chamber inside the Basilica of Saint-Denis, until it was recovered by the Assassin Arno Dorian in August 1794.


The sword was imbued with the ability to emit bright flashes of blinding light during combat allowing its wielder some breathing room during combat while the light momentarily blinds and stuns the opponents. It was created by using First Civilization knowledge acquired from an Apple of Eden contained in the Head of Saint Denis.