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"Eagle Vision" is the eleventh chapter of the manga Assassin's Creed: Blade of Shao Jun written by Minoji Kurata.


Nan'an, China, 1529
Wang Yangming's body is carried into the Buddhist temple, where the monks prepare his funeral. The monk leader reveals to Shao Jun that he is the contact that was due to meet her Mentor to discuss the Precursor box. The two talk in private, where the monk questions how much she knows about "The Ones Who Came Before". It is revealed that Jun can see things before they happen, which in part is what makes her an incredible fighter. Describing it as "Eagle Vision", the monk reminds Jun of the secret passages within the Beijing imperial temple she had once shown to her childhood friend Qijie, and the ghostly outlines of people she had seen to direct her there. It dawns on Jun that she is indeed of the Precursor bloodlines.

Yokohama, Japan, 2019
Lisa Huang awakens from her Animus session. She immediately has a vision of Doctor Kagami dropping her pen, to which Lisa is immediately able to catch. With the Bleeding Effect leaving her spooked, she elects to end the therapy for that day, and leaves the Abstergo building. Outside in the street she bumps into Mari, who declares that she needs to tell Lisa something very important.


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