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Dyme after the attack by the Order of Dominion

Dyme was a small settlement and the westernmost in the region of Achaia, Greece.


In the 5th century BCE, its inhabitants specialized in the production of sails and other naval-related textiles, primarily for the naval construction center in Patrai.[1]

In the 420s BCE, the Persian refugee Darius and his son Natakas arrived in Dyme, and made the acquaintance of the local populace. Learning that the Order of the Storm branch of the Order of the Ancients had allied with the Spartan forces in Achaia, and thus prevented them and others from fleeing, Darius and Natakas attempted to help the refugees gathering in Boura. As a precaution, Darius sent a message to the Spartan misthios Kassandra, asking for her help.

After they had helped the refugees flee Achaia, the three settled down in Dyme. Kassandra developed a relationship with Natakas that led to the birth of their son, Elpidios.[2] The townsfolk welcomed them, and they made the watchtower overlooking the town their home. The nearby beach became a favorite place to play hide-and-seek for the small family.[3]

Sometime later, Dyme was attacked by the Order of Dominion led by Amorges, a former friend of Darius in Persia. While Darius and Kassandra were able to fend off the Order and eliminate the Immortals, they were unable to prevent the death of Natakas and the kidnapping of Elpidios. Natakas was subsequently buried on the yard of their home, a memorial set up for him beside the memorial to his mother and his siblings he'd set up himself.[4]



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