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A dwarf is a being from Norse mythology and later European folklore which dwells in mountains and underground. They are heavily associated with mining, smithing, and crafting.

Mythology and folklore

Ivaldi was a dwarf rescued by Odin from a fate worse than death and brought to Asgard, bound to serve the Æsir.[1] He paid off his debt by crafting items of great power,[1] such as Gleipnir, the cord meant to hold Fenrir until Ragnarök began.[2]

Ivaldi's sons were said to be a group of dwarves that made several key pieces for the gods, including Freyr's magically unfolding ship Skíðblaðnir, Odin's magically multiplying ring Draupnir and returning spear Gungnir, and Sif's golden hair.[3]



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