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Durand Laxart was a French farmer and the father of Gabriel Laxart.

Durand never got to raise Gabriel since the latter was born a bastard and grew up with his mother and stepfather in Nancy. Eventually, he married a woman named Jeanne and settled with his wife and newborn child in the farm in Burey-en-Vaux. When Gabriel's mother got ill with fever, she wrote a letter to her former lover, asking him to take care of their son. Durand agreed and took in his bastard son after her death. Gabriel became his helper with his farm's livestock.

After his son's insistence and Joan of Arc's requests, he accompanied the pair with his family to Robert de Baudricourt. Their attempt failed and they tried again during January 1429. Durand, his wife, and their newborn child returned to Burey-en-Vaux at Gabriel's suggestion, leaving the two friends at Vacouleurs.



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