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Commandant Duran (died 1489) was a Spanish soldier who served under Tomás de Torquemada during the Reconquista in the late 15th century as co-leader of Fort Alphonso. He was also a member of Torquemada's taskforce, the Dogs of the Lord.


In 1489, Duran and Executioner Pedrosa were given orders from Tomás de Torquemada to eradicate the heretical bloodline of de Heredia. After killing the de Heredia family, with the exception of the eldest son Horacio, Duran and Pedrosa fled to Fort Alphonso.[1] When members from the Spanish Brotherhood of Assassins finally caught up to the two Dogs, Pedrosa and Duran engaged the Assassins. Pedrosa was killed first while Duran retreated, taunting the Assassins at killing Horacio's parents. Duran was eventually cornered by the Assassin Mentor Aguilar de Nerha and killed.[2]

Personality and characteristics

Duran was a cruel individual, boasting about killing the de Heredia family heads. He was also ambitiously eager to prove himself to Torquemada, although he lost his bravado after Pedrosa was killed and retreated further within the fort, before later meeting the same fate.[2]

Equipment and skills

Duran fought with a greatsword with moderate combat prowess. He was skilled enough in combat and leadership abilities that he was promoted to Commandant. Although he was able to hold his own against the highly trained Assassin Mentor Aguilar, he could not deal a killing blow and in turn was killed himself.[2]

Behind the scenes

Duran, an antagonist appearing in the Assassin's Creed: Rebellion Helix Rift Event Horacio's Retribution, bears some similarities in appearance to the standard Brute archetype enemies from Assassin's Creed II.

Duran is a Spanish surname of Norman origin, derived from the Old French durant ("enduring"), from durer ("to endure", "last"), itself from the Latin durus ("hard", "firm").




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