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"And I don't think I've ever been so frightened as I was in that instant. It wasn't a fear that he was going to cause me pain, it was a sense that he saw right through me—into my heart—and he'd crush it if it pleased him."
―Duncan to Connor on meeting Haytham Kenway following the murder of his uncle.[src]-[m]

Duncan Little (born 1742)[1] was an Irish member of the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins, who lived in Boston during the latter half of the 18th century. The nephew of the British Assassin Miko, while living in Boston, he acted as a mediator of local problems before being recruited into the Assassin Brotherhood by Ratonhnhaké:ton.


Duncan originally hailed from Ireland and was the youngest son of a particularly large family. On 18 April 1754, Duncan attended a performance of The Beggar's Opera in the Theatre Royal, accompanied by his uncle Miko. During the showing Miko was murdered by Haytham Kenway.[2] He later entered into priesthood at a young age, and was sent to Africa as a missionary in 1756. Little spent several years there, but in 1760, he returned to Ireland and subsequently abandoned the priesthood entirely.[3]

After this, Duncan sailed to Boston in 1763, after receiving harsh treatment by his family for his abandonment of the Catholic Church. Little then settled in Boston's northern section, in which he gained a reputation for being an appreciated mediator that was less expensive than the local judiciary.[3]

Due to his mediation position, he often assisted others with solving their problems, generally by dissuading them from a violent resolution.[3] Around 1773, Duncan became Connor's ally in the fight against a group of mercenaries threatening people's livelihoods in north Boston.[4]

Duncan suggested forming a gang to attack the mercenary leader at the port his men were based at. After assassinating him, Connor revealed the mercenary was a member of the Templars. Duncan was skeptical, believing the Knights Templar were just a story, but regardless, he offered to assist Connor whenever he needed him. After completing several missions assigned by Connor, Duncan rose through the ranks and eventually became a fully fledged Assassin.[4]

Connor then contracted Duncan on several missions, and in 1776, Connor's mentor, Achilles Davenport, called on Duncan, Stephane Chapheau and Clipper Wilkinson to prevent Connor from being executed on false charges in New York.[5] Five years later, Duncan, Stephane, Deborah Carter and Jacob Zenger helped the Marquis de Lafayette clear the tunnels to New York's militarized district, as part of Connor's plot to infiltrate Fort George and assassinate Charles Lee.[6]

Some time during his involvement with the Assassins, Duncan and Connor met in a tavern, where Duncan told his friend of the time that he had seen Connor's father, Haytham Kenway, after the man had killed Duncan's uncle, the Assassin Miko, in the Theatre Royal in London.[7]


In 2012, Shaun Hastings created a database to give Desmond Miles more historical context as he relived Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memory. In the entry for Duncan Little, Shaun erroneously dated his birth to 1730 rather than 1742.[3]


  • Duncan was often seen holding a cross by a chain when sitting in a tavern, as he was once a priest and missionary. However, he also seems to dress in reverse of the traditional priestly attire, with a black collar in place of a white one. Accompanying this, Duncan mentioned his progressive views on religion when discussing how they affected his home country of Ireland.
  • Duncan did not appear in the tunnels if Ratonhnhaké:ton had not recruited him. However, in the memory "Public Execution", he would appear regardless if he had been recruited or not. 
  • Concept art of Duncan showed him with a tattoo of a cross on his right forearm.




  1. While his database entry gives the year 1730, the Encyclopedia states 1742 which better aligns with the age of his character we see in the prologue.


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