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Priest: "That bastard wants thirty percent? God only gets ten! Who the hell does Sivert think he is?"
Duchesneau: "What choice do you have? How long will it be before the revolutionaries descend on Mother Church like locusts?"
—Duchesneau securing a deal with a priest, 1791.[src]


Duchesneau (died 5 January 1791) was a member of the French Rite of the Templar Order and an associate of Charles Gabriel Sivert. He was part of a group of Templars that aimed to gain recognition from the new Grand Master, François-Thomas Germain, by procuring funds from the nobility and the clergy.


In January 1791, Duchesneau was set to meet with Sivert at the Notre-Dame to report on his progress. Due to the recent death of their accomplice, Arpinon, he had local guards paid off to ensure they would not be disturbed.

Before entering the cathedral, Duchesneau met with a local priest and convinced him to give the Templars a cut of the clergy's finances. As he was leaving the graveyard, he was killed by the Assassin Arno Dorian, who pursued Sivert as part of his quest to bring the murderers of his stepfather, François de la Serre, to justice. Having eavesdropped on Duchesneau's meeting with the priest, Arno used this information to get close to and assassinate Sivert.


  • While killing Duchesneau was necessary to unlock the unique cutscene in the confessional booth with Sivert, it was entirely possible to leave him alive and pursue other ways to assassinate Sivert.