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Dublin is the capital and largest city of Ireland.



The city originated as a Gaelic settlement by the name of Dubh Linn, named for a black pool situated south of the site.[1] In the mid 9th century, Dublin was occupied by Vikings from Scandinavia and eventually emerged into a kingdom in its own right, with a blend of Gaelic and Norse cultures.[2]

In 873, Dublin was greatly damaged as a result of a siege by the Irish kingdoms which also resulted in the death of the king Ímair. His son Bárid ascended the throne and spent the next few years rebuilding the city, while turning it into a prosperous trading hub.[3]

Flann Sinna's Rise as High King

In the late 9th century, Viking jarlskona Eivor Varinsdottir was invited to Dublin by her cousin, Bárid, and she ventured to the city with the help of the trader, Azar.[4] Upon her arrival, Eivor and Bárid spent time together while they discussed how he wanted Dublin to be the epicenter of trade in Ireland. This idea was to show Flann Sinna that Dublin and its king were allies to the future High King. However, Bárid's position as King of Dublin was undermined due to his Viking background and troubles within city, especially with his son, Sichfrith.[5] While Eivor and Bárid spent time at Ímair's grave, they were later attacked upon leaving. As they survived, Bárid figured out that Thorstein was behind the attack and Eivor offered to bring in Thorstein. After Thorstein was brought to Bárid by Eivor, the King of Dublin gave leniency and decreed Thorstein to be exiled from Dublin.[6]

Back to building up Dublin as a trade center, Eivor and Azar discussed to show proof as how Dublin is growing to be an influential city. Believing foreign spices to be a good example, Eivor and Azar decided to re-establish a trade post, Rathdown, and use it to correspond with Dublin in terms of trade. After defeating the trade post's bandits and rebuilding Rathdown, Eivor went back to Azar in Dublin and saw the spices were received. The spices were later sent towards Flann, as a gift from Bárid.[7]

On the day of Flann's coronation, Bárid told Eivor that his poetess, Ciara ingen Medba, was missing as she arrived in Dublin. Eivor looked around the city and found a drunk Ciara singing badly and disrupting others at an alehouse. Ciara was confronted by Norse warriors at the alehouse and she later instigated a fight. However, Eivor came in and took up the fight, winning and beating the warriors. To sober Ciara up, Eivor carried Ciara and dropped her into a puddle of cold water. Eivor and a lucid Ciara walked to Bárid and traveled from Dublin towards the coronation, at Tara.[8]

After the coronation, Eivor aided Flann and Bárid in a series of events for the High King's control, especially against the other kings of Ireland, while the Children of Danu interference becoming grander. After a Clogher ambush and betrayal from Abbot Eogan mac Cartaigh, Flann lost most of his army as well as his ally and Eivor's cousin, Bárid, the King of Dublin, died from the attack. Eivor was there with him and made sure his body was buried in the outskirts of Dublin, at Gortknaw. Flann promised to mentor the new King of Dublin, Sichfrith, for the life and loyalty Bárid paid to him.[9]

After defeating Eogan in Armagh[10], Eivor traveled to Dublin and drank at an alehouse in the city. Afterwards, Eivor and Flann went on a final venture, after a rash decision from the High King caused Ciara to activate the Lia Fáil at Tara. After subduing Ciara, Eivor saw the stone's power diminished as she traveled back to Dublin, to tend to Sichfrith mourning his father. Eivor and Flann shook hands at the grave site, as friends, as Eivor later stated to Sichfrith that his father would be proud of how much he made Dublin a grander city.[11]

Through her journey, Eivor aided Azar to re-establish other trade posts around Ireland to build up Dublin's trade. Soon, Dublin collected trades connection with other countries.[12] Upon the increased trade, Azar and Eivor talked about the Irish merchant's story of becoming part of Dublin and how she was betrayed by her former partner, Konstantinos, who killed her family and took her right eye. Within some time, Konstantinos appeared around in the outskirts of Dublin and Eivor agreed to abduct him for Azar, who wanted revenge. After Konstantinos' capture, Eivor brought him to Azar's shop while Azar and Konstantinos saw each other once again. Eivor left the two alone while she heard Konstantinos scream.[13]

Traveling around the city, Eivor found and claimed two tungsten ingots, one inside a barred house in northern Dublin and one in the lake south of the city, after finding its key inside another barred house. Eivor also paid respect at the altar, The Morrigan's Altar, in eastern Dublin, by giving fifty delicacies as tribute.[14]

Children of Danu

Along her travels, Eivor also agreed to hunt the Children of Danu for druid priestess Deirdre Na Linni and Ciara. One clue that Eivor found was a message to the The Deer from The Oak and the message relayed that he needed to check The Spider's behavior in Dublin, despite her success for the Children. After defeating Dublin's drinking champion and searching around Dublin's tallest tree, Eivor found more clues and deduced The Spider's identity, Aideen, a merchant of Dublin. Aideen's location happened to be wandering about Dublin's marketplace. Eivor looked around the markets, caught sight of Aideen, and assassinated her, ending her influence over Dublin. Afterwards, Eivor collected her amber shard and a clue from her personal effects.[15]




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