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ACB Dual Wield

Ezio Auditore dual-wielding a sword and the Hidden Gun

Dual-wielding is an advanced form of combat, wherein one uses a pair of weapons in conjunction with one another. This is often to allow an easy shift between long and short-ranged attacks.


Aya, one of the founding members of the Hidden Ones, dual-wielded twin blades which she used in her quest for vengeance against the Order of the Ancients.[1]

Most Assassins of the High Middle Ages would only dual-wield throwing knives alongside a short blade.[2]

During the Renaissance, Ezio Auditore da Firenze and his Assassin recruits were able to dual-wield multiple combinations of weapons. Other than the throwing knives and short blade pair, Ezio could wield the Hidden Gun with any primary, medium-ranged weapon – such as swords and blunt weapons – and poison darts with the Poison Blade. His recruits wielded their Hidden Gun with almost any other weapon.[3] During his time in Constantinople, Ezio could also dual-wield a variety of bombs with his primary weapon.[4]

During the early 18th century, Edward Kenway dual-wielded Hidden Blades, two swords, Rope darts, and multiple pistols.[5]

During the Seven Years' War, Assassin-turned-Templar Shay Cormac dual wielded a sword and a dagger.[6]

Connor's Way 1

Connor using a tomahawk and a Hidden Blade

During the French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War, both Haytham Kenway and Connor would always dual-wield their weapons in combat, with Haytham proficient in the use of a sword, a flintlock pistol and his Hidden Blades.

Meanwhile, Connor possessed a combination of swords, a tomahawk and various other weaponry. Accompanying this, he often used his Hidden Blade with almost any other weapon, utilizing its pivot attachment for it to function as a dagger. He also carried two flintlock pistols, some of which possessed the capacity to fire multiple times.[7]

During the Louisiana Rebellion, Aveline de Grandpré dual-wielded her weapons in combat. The weapons she dual-wielded include: a whip, firearms, swords, knives, a blowpipe, a sugar-cane machete and Hidden Blades.[8]

Only a few enemies, such as Papal Guards, Cesare Borgia,[9] and the Janissaries,[10] were able to dual-wield, typically using a pistol alongside a longsword in combat. Officers and Jägers would also dual-wield weapons in a similar manner.[7]



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