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"These bows'll make me rich as Kroisos."
―Drucilla, 431 BCE[src]

Drucilla was a bowyer who lived on the Greek island of Kephallonia during the 5th century BCE.


"I need that wood, Markos. These new bows will be the talk of the island. I can't make anything with those bandit malákes stopping the wood shipments."
In 431 BCE, Drucilla requested a fellow Kephallonian, Markos, to help deal with a group of bandits who were occupying the Lumber Shipyard of Kephallonia. Despite Markos' agreement to do so, the problem was never dealt with. Drucilla later confronted him while he was engaged in another dispute with the Spartan misthios Kassandra, outside the Temple of Zeus in Sami. To allay Drucilla's anger, Markos lied that he was just in the middle of informing Kassandra about the problem.[1]

Nonetheless, Kassandra agreed to help Drucilla deal with the bandits, on the condition that she repair her broken bow first. Although Drucilla normally paid only after the favour had been accomplished, she acquiesced to Kassandra's request so as not to delay a resolution any longer. When Kassandra later returned, presenting a piece of lumber to Drucilla as proof that she had eliminated the bandits, Drucilla thanked and paid her for her efforts, remarking that she was a woman of her word, unlike Markos.[2]

Personality and characteristics

"Who are you, Markos? You should be tired of this small-time shit. You'd make a fortune in this war. Plus, I hear you're a secret Spartan."
―Drucilla to Kassandra, 431 BCE[src]
Drucilla was proud of her skill and craft as a bowyer, and in 431 BCE, she was confident that her new bow designs would be popular across Kephallonia. She was normally brusque and vulgar, and as a result could be could be especially abrasive towards those who did not live up to their obligations and responsibilities. Nonetheless, she respected those who did. This owed partly to her commitment to business, and as the Peloponnesian War began, she was excited for a chance to bolster her revenue with the increased demand for bows. In turn, she suggested that Kassandra participate in the war effort, believing that the mercenary's martial prowess would be well-paid for.[1][2]




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