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Drowned Tools was a visual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek met a farmer whose harvest had been affected by the Curse of the Pharaohs.


While in the Theban Necropolis, Bayek came across a farmer being tortured by soldiers.

  • Torturer: Your taxes are long overdue Halakuf.
  • Halakuf: Tell Tychon I will find his money! I just need one good harvest, the curse...
  • Torturer: Curse...? Pharaohs returned from the dead? Nothing but tales to frighten feeble-minded infants.
  • Halakuf: No! I have seen him, the Pharaoh who walks, please!

Bayek approached the soldiers.

  • Bayek: This man speaks the truth. Stop, or I will stop you.
  • Torturer: Ha! A would-be hero! You gurgle like a water cow. Come any closer and we'll tear your tongue out.
ACO Drowned Tools 2

Bayek speaking to Halakhuf

Bayek ignored the torturer's threat and killed the soldiers. He approached the farmer.

  • Bayek: He won't extort you again, neb.
  • Halakuf: Halakuf, please. You struck them down for their cruelty! Why does the Pharaoh not punish them? They pick over our bones like vultures!
  • Bayek: You cannot pay your taxes?
  • Halakuf: We cannot pay because we cannot work. And now Sobek is angry with us, he sent the Pharaoh to flood the fields closest to the great river.
  • Bayek: You have seen the one who walks?
  • Halakuf: A waking nightmare, an abomination. My brother, fell at the King's deathless gaze. I ran, I was a coward.
  • Bayek: Your brother would not want you dead. Show me the fields, we will find the source of your suffering in honor of your kin.
ACO Drowned Tools 3

Bayek following Halakhuf around the fields

Bayek followed Halakuf as he made rounds around the fields.

  • Halakuf: I have always paid my due. But with the curse, many have left. Their fields lie fallow.
  • Bayek: These charms, have they not protected you?
  • Halakuf: Symbols mean little daubed on the walls of empty houses and hearths. But we do what we can or we starve.
  • Bayek: And now Sobek is angry with you?
  • Halakuf: I work the fields everyday, pray for a bounty. Instead he sends the Deathless King. Where he walks a flood gushes forth. A flood that washed my tools away.
  • Bayek: Into the Great Silt River.
  • Halakuf: And any who venture in feed his gnashing children. A tragedy, we cannot weather.
    And without pickaxes we cannot bring water to the fields. The Pharaoh may as well have taken me with my brother. Wheat ready to be harvested. But without our sickles it will wither and die.
  • Bayek: I will recover your tools, Halakuf. I do not fear Sobek's weath.
  • Halakuf: I believe it! You would scare the bull off his cow. Thank you, seni.

Bayek set off to the fields where crocodiles had settled in. After killing the crocodiles, he dived under and recovered one of the pickaxes.

  • Bayek: They will be happy to get these back from the silt waters.

Bayek resurfaced and headed to another field, occupied by hippopotamuses. After killing the animals, he recovered a sickle near a hut.

  • Bayek: Keen as a blade.
ACO Drowned Tools 4

Bayek finding the tools

Bayek then recovered another sickle near a tree.

  • Bayek: The tools of an honest farmer.

With all of the tools recovered, Bayek remarked on his deed.

  • Bayek: Halakuf and his people can bring in their harvest.

Bayek returned to Halakuf with the tools.

  • Bayek: Your tools, a little weathered, but still strong and sharp as Sobek's teeth.
  • Halakuf: A wonder! I was wrong... the wards we painted, did not stop who walks they brought you. And eagle amongst vultures.
  • Bayek: Take care of yourself and your people, Halakuf. Honor your brother with a fine harvest!
  • Halakuf: May you be seated before a thousand loaves, neb.

Later, Bayek returned to Halakuf to see how the harvest was progressing.

  • Halakuf: You saved our livelihood, gave us real hope. The curse has a foothold here no longer.
  • Bayek: Your brother would be proud.


Bayek helped Halakuf to recover the tools needed to restart the farm and harvest.



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