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Drogarati Cave entrance

Entrance to the cave

Drogarati Cave is a cave located near Markos' Vineyard in Kephallonia, Greece. During the 5th century BCE, it housed a small shrine dedicated to Hermes, a god in Greek mythology.


In 431 BCE, the misthios Kassandra visited the cave, having been sent by a local man who had lost much of his wealth due to his daily tributes to the shrine. Investigating the shrine, Kassandra discovered a group of bandits hiding in a chamber behind the statue of the god, and stealing the tributes. Kassandra then eliminated the bandits, recovered the stolen tributes, and reported her findings to the man outside the cave.[1]

While leaving the cave, Kassandra overheard a woman praying to the god, begging for help. Kassandra decided to play the part of a god, and aid the woman.[2]




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