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Dress to Impress was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob needed to acquire a Royal Guard uniform for Sergeant Abberline, who could then smuggle in weapons for the former and Evie at the Buckingham Palace ball.


Having parked the Gladstones' carriage in an alley, Jacob approached Abberline, who was disguised as a street sweeper and spoke in a hushed tone.

  • Abberline: Quite a carriage you got there. Where did you buy it, if you- if you don't mind me asking?
  • Jacob: Ask all you want, Freddy, you'll never get an answer.

Abberline dropped his broom and spoke in his normal voice.

  • Abberline: Damn it all. Was it my eyebrows?
  • Jacob: Yes. And your face, voice and body. Look, I've got an invitation to the Queen's ball tonight.
  • Abberline: How did you come by that?
  • Jacob: Freddy! There's to be an attack on the ball. I need to smuggle some weapons inside to prevent it.
  • Abberline: Supposing I believe you, only the royal guard carries weapons.
  • Jacob: So...
  • Abberline: Too easy.
  • Jacob: For God's sake, Freddy.
  • Abberline: Fine. I require a guard's uniform.
  • Jacob: Done. I knew you'd come through.

Jacob made to leave.

  • Abberline: Just promise me, Jacob, that you will return Mr. Gladstone's coach.
  • Jacob: Of course.
ACS Dress to Impress 4

Jacob scouts the area, searching for Royal Guards patrolling outside St. Martin-in-the-Fields

Jacob made his way to the top of St Martin-in-the-Fields and surveyed the Royal Guards patrolling outside a nearby building.

  • Guard 1: Now where did that animal get to?
  • Guard 2: I wish we could be at the party.
  • Guard 3: There'll be trouble if we go, I can tell you that.
  • Guard 4: I hear there will be cake at the Queen's ball tonight.
  • Guard 5: Cake, he says. The wee piglet.
  • Guard 4: I hear Mr. Disraeli plans to shun the party.
  • Guard 5: He will certainly be there. The man loves being the center of attention.
  • Guard 6: Keep your eyes open.
  • Guard 7: They are, I was just guarding the back of my eyelids is all.

Jacob knocked out one of the Royal Guards and took of his uniform.

  • Jacob: Charming. Now to hide the body.

He hid the unconscious body of the Royal Guard inside a carriage.

  • Jacob: Freddy, here I come.
ACS Dress to Impress 7

Jacob returns to Abberline and gives him the uniform

He returned to Abberline and gave him the uniform.

  • Jacob: One uniform, as requested.
  • Abberline: It's still warm...
  • Jacob: My gift to you.
  • Abberline: I will meet you on the roof of Buckingham Palace.
  • Jacob: You're such a romantic.

As Jacob left, Abberline rolled his eyes.


Jacob acquired a uniform for Abberline, allowing the latter to smuggle weapons into Buckingham Palace for the twins.



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