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Drakon (died c. 427 BCE) was a Boeotian champion and an athlete who lived in Thebes during the 5th century BCE.


According to the Boeotians, Drakon was descended from the legendary hero Herakles himself. Whether this statement preceded his status as a Champion of Boeotia, or followed it is uncertain.[1]

However, Drakon's generation of the champions included Deianeira, who became a central figure of the group. She was a member of the Heroes of the Cult branch of the Cult of Kosmos, and under her influence, the Champions changed.[2]

At some point Drakon made the acquaintance of Melanippos, who had come to Thebes dreaming of becoming a pankratist. Drakon trained Melanippos, and Melanippos fell in love with him. However, when the Peloponnesian War raged, Drakon seemed to be distracted, and no longer spent as much time with Melanippos as before.[3]

Around the same time Stentor, a Spartan polemarch and step-brother of the misthios Kassandra, charged Kassandra to kill Boeotian champions including Drakon.[4] In order to find the man, Kassandra helped Melanippos and the Oil Merchant[5] with their problems.


  • Finishing the quest Brewing Love strips Drakon of his armor.




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