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Drakios (died 420s BCE) was a resident of Melos who lived during the Peloponnesian War. He was known for organizing the Battle of One Hundred Hands with the backing of the Cult of Kosmos.


Drakios was a merchant, who owed favors which the Cult of Kosmos collected. They made a deal with him that, in return for providing him with the drachmae,[1] he would create a trap for the sibling of the Cult's champion Deimos.[2]

Following this, Drakios created the Battle of One Hundred Hands, and conducted it over numerous years, drawing warriors of various backgrounds to the island of Melos in search of glory and riches.[1]

Along the years, Drakios made the acquaintance of the Hydrean champion Roxana, as her family including both parents and a brother died in the Battle of One Hundred Hands. By the 420s BCE, Drakios considered Roxana to be among their "highest-ranked contenders."[1]

At some point, Drakios also met Deimos, so that when he met the Spartan misthios Kassandra during 420s BCE, he could tell they were family.[1] Drakios promised Kassandra information about the Cult if she won the tournament, getting her to participate. As he'd expected, Kassandra and Roxana were the two final contenders.[3]

Following the two meeting face to face on Typhon's Revenge, Drakios was slain, with Kassandra putting an end to his bloody enterprise.[2]


  • Given Drakios' hairstyle, he may have been or been dedicated to Sparta.
  • If viewed with Ikaros, Drakios' is tagged as 'Scion', a term used of particular guards dedicated to the Cult of Kosmos.




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