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Down From On High was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra spoke with Heriphile at the farm.


Kassandra went over to the shepherdess, who was shocked to see her.

  • Heriphile: By... by the gods! It's... it's you!
  • Kassandra: Yes, well, it certainly is me. You are a shepherdess?
  • Heriphile: You know me! You know me so well!
  • Kassandra: Tell me what happened.
  • Heriphile: I was herding my flock when... it was horrible! Wolves! Blood and screams everywhere!
  • Kassandra: Did you get hurt?
  • Heriphile: No... you protected me.
  • Kassandra: I did?
  • Heriphile: I carry your totem, to pray to, to watch over me. But... I was so scared I dropped my totem as I ran.
  • Kassandra: I can look for your totem.
  • Heriphile: Oh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

(If players choose "Where did the attack happen?")

  • Kassandra: Where were you attacked?
  • Heriphile: I was leading my flock to pasture through the forest south of the city. I know others have heard wolves howling there on many nights, but I took a chance.

(If players choose "What can you tell me about the totem?")

  • Kassandra: Tell me about this totem.
  • Heriphile: It's... a simple thing. An eagle of rough wood and crudely fashioned. It does not come close to capturing your divine glory, but still, it has kept me safe until now.
  • Kassandra: Ah. I, uh, wish it had protected you better.
  • Heriphile: No! It is I who must apologize to you for losing it. I feared you would be angry with me.
  • Kassandra: No, no, of course not.

(If players choose "I'll look for the totem.")

  • Kassandra: I'll look for your lost totem.

Before she left, she talked to her once more.

  • Heriphile: Eagle Bearer, have you found my totem yet? The forest has become so dangerous now because of the wolves. I hope you find it.

Reaching the area where Heriphile was attacked, she noticed animal tracks on the ground.

  • Kassandra: Wolf spoor. They must den near here.

There was discarded basket nearby.

  • Kassandra: Heriphile must have dropped this basket when the wolves attacked.

She saw a blood trail.

  • Kassandra: Blood trail. The pack went this way.

Near the blood trail was a dead sheep.

  • Kassandra: One of Heriphile's flock. Or what's left of him after the wolf's breakfast.

She noticed a cave not that far away.

  • Kassandra: That must be the den of the wolves that attacked Heriphile's flock. Worth a look.

She took care of the wolves, and saw a bag among the carcasses.

  • Kassandra: Remarkable that a wolf dragged this bag here. Almost like it was driven. Here is the totem.

She returned to Heriphile.

  • Heriphile: Invincible Eagle Bearer, the priestess said you battled the wolves as if guided by blood-stained Ares himself.
  • Kassandra: How did she know that?
  • Heriphile: She burns offerings of young goats to see signs of your passage! She said you found my totem!

  • Kassandra: It was luck that I was able to find it. The wolves had dragged it deep into their den. Here you go.

  • Heriphile: Gratitude, Eagle Bearer! Would you bless it for me?
  • Kassandra: You don't need my blessing. Just watch the world around you. And you can call me Kassandra.
  • Heriphile: Thank you, Eagle... Kassandra.


Kassandra helped Heriphile deal with a den of wolves, and found her good luck totem.


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