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Doubts was a memory of Desmond Miles during his journey through the Animus Black Room.


Desmond Miles explored the Animus, wandering through abstract recreations of his recollections, beginning with his childhood.


  • Desmond: Incredible. This must be the core of the Animus. No simulations, no environments. I can't even feel my own body! Everything's just... raw data. So am I still me... or am I some kind of computer program?
  • Desmond: Home. I was born here. The Farm. Yeah. They called it the Farm. My parents, two dozen couples, some kids. A community. Hidden away. Small houses in the black hills. Right. Clear skies. Wood smoke, wind, and the stink of gasoline. Generators running, day and night. I remember. We lived simply, almost like nomads. So far from everything. Ready to pack up and go at the drop of a hat. If we were discovered. If THEY found us. The Farm. It wasn't much of one was it? Not a proper farm. We grew some food. I don't remember any animals though. Maybe a few dogs.
  • Desmond: The Assassins. I was born into it. I didn't choose. It was like... a birthright. You are an Assassin, they told me. What did that even mean? Ever since I was young. They never stopped saying it. You are an Assassin. You are an Assassin. And this is our Creed...
  • William: Nothing is true.
  • Desmond: What did that mean? A world without purpose?
  • William: Everything is permitted.
  • Desmond: Everything is permitted?
  • William: They're looking for us. And they will not stop until every one of us is dead.
  • Desmond: Yeah, I believed for a while, but I never understood. That's the trouble when you're born into something. Belief without understanding. Everyone was so serious. Scared too. All that talk of Assassins and Templars. The end of the world.
  • William: Live by the Creed, Desmond. Empower yourself.
  • Desmond: Every man has his limit, I guess. I can't remember when I stopped believing. When I stopped caring. God, it all sounded so stupid. I couldn't hear the word Templar without laughing. And Assassin, forget it... An ancient war, they said. An endless struggle. But I never cared. Who knew it was possible to bore a kid with war stories? I guess I was... lonely. Alone in a crowd. If I could have told them that, maybe they would have listened. If only I could go back. If I could tell them, I'm sorry....


  • Access to this memory was unlocked after collecting 5 Animus data fragments.
  • After gaining the ability to build blocks, Subject 16’s laughter sounded.
  • The achievement "The Early Years" was unlocked after completing the memory.



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