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Double Trouble was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


After disagreeing about the former's methods, Jacob and Evie decided to kill Starrick and recover the Shroud in one final mission together. To do so, Jacob would need to acquire invitations to a ball at Buckingham Palace.


Jacob and Evie met aboard the Train Hideout.

  • Evie: You're late. Starrick is making his move. The Piece of Eden is somewhere inside Buckingham Palace.
  • Jacob: Let him have it.
  • Evie: I've seen your handiwork across the city. Perhaps you should trust my judgement.
  • Jacob: I've been killing Starrick's henchmen. What have you been doing? Let's ask Henry, shall we?
  • Evie: I have been repairing your mistakes. "Too much haste is too little speed".
  • Jacob: Don't you quote Father at me.
  • Evie: That's Plato! And I am sorry this doesn't involve anything you can destroy. Father was right, he never approved of your methods!
  • Jacob: Father is dead!
Father is Dead M1

Henry intervening Jacob and Evie's discussion

Henry intervened.

  • Henry: Enough! I have just received word from my spies. At the palace ball tonight, Starrick plans to steal the Piece of Eden and then eliminate all the heads of church and state.
  • Jacob: Once more, for old time's sake?
  • Evie: And then we're finished.
  • Jacob: Agreed. So what's the plan?

Some time later, Benjamin and Mary Anne Disraeli were invited aboard the train.

  • Mary Anne: Such an unexpected delight to visit you both. What is the "news on the street"?
  • Evie: Mrs. Disraeli, we have discovered that there is something inside Buckingham Palace that could threaten the-
  • Jacob: What my sister's failing to say, is that we require entrance into the ball tonight.
  • Mary Anne: Impossible! Even if there were any invitation cards remaining, which there are not, someone of your... lowly station...
  • Benjamin: If that damn fool Gladstone is attending this evening, they can have my card.
  • Jacob: Perfect. Then I'll go alone.
  • Evie: Mrs. Disraeli. If you would be kind enough to inform my darling brother of the location of the Gladstones' residence, perhaps he could use his considerable skills to commandeer their cards.
  • Mary Anne: What fun! Did you hear that, Dizzy? We're going to "pinch" the Gladstones' invitations.
  • Jacob: Thank you for volunteering me, sweet sister.
  • Evie: Oh, a pleasure, brother dearest. Now, Mrs. Disraeli, if you would excuse me, I must visit with the Maharajah. It occurs to me that he may have a second set of plans to a certrain vault.

Jacob made his way to the Gladstones' residence.

  • Jacob: The nerve of Evie. Treating me like a child.

He reached the residence, only to find that it was vacant.

  • Jacob: Now where can they be? The ball is tonight. They must have taken the invitations with them.
Jacob speaking to a child M1

Jacob asks about Mr. Gladstone's whereabouts

Jacob approached to a girl nearby.

  • Jacob: You wouldn't happen to have seen two carriages pass by here just now?
  • Girl: I did, sir. One with a man in it, the other with a woman. They split up.
  • Jacob: Where did the man go?
  • Girl: That way.
  • Jacob: Thank you.

Following the girl's directions, Jacob found that Mr. Gladstone was hosting a party.

  • Jacob: A private party event. Don't mind if I do.
  • William: No, it will be you alone. So I say to you, the money you earn should stay in your pockets.
  • Guests: Future Prime Minister!
    How do you do?
    Sir, an honor!
    I salute you, sir!
    When will Mr. Disraeli give up the fight? He's certainly outmatched.
    We need more moralizing in modern politics.
    Indeed we do!
    Madam, what a lovely dress.
    Thank you!
    What a turnout!
    Indeed. It is splendid!
  • William: Thank you for your continued support.
    William Gladstone, at your service.
    Thank you for supporting me and the party!
    I look forward to serving as your future Prime Minister!
    It is my honor to represent you in Parliament.
  • Guards: Keep your eyes peeled for any antics!
    Protect Mr. Gladstone.

Jacob stole Mr. William Gladstone's invitation.

  • Jacob: Maybe I haven't been quite as delicate as I could have been, but still...

He then made his way to Victoria station, where Mrs. Catherine Gladstone was located.

  • Jacob: Mrs. Gladstone's under guard. Better be cautious. Better wait until she's alone.

Mrs. Gladstone sat down on a bench.

  • Catherine: Stand back and let me rest a moment!
  • Jacob: Now is my chance.
Jacob stealing documents Again M1

Jacob stealing Mrs. Gladstone's invitation

Jacob could sit on another bench behind Mrs. Gladstone and steal her invitation. Otherwise, Mrs. Gladstone would walk further down the train platform.

  • Guard: Mr James' train has arrived.
  • Catherine: Finally! I'll be but a moment.

She entered a restroom, after which Jacob could follow, feigning to be Mr. James.

  • Catherine: Is that you, my love?
  • Jacob: Yes.
  • Catherine: Your train was late, but all is forgiven. Embrace me!

As Jacob embraced Mrs. Gladstone, he stole her invitation.

  • Catherine: Oh my word!

Jacob left the restroom.

  • Catherine: Come back! Mr. James!
  • Jacob: One should not attend the Queen's ball without making a proper entrance.

Jacob stole Mrs. Gladstone's carriage.

  • Jacob: Now for the invitations. What's this? "Swords must be left at the door by order of the Queen". Freddy will know what to do.

Jacob drove the carriage into an alley.


Jacob acquired invitations and a carriage for himself and Evie to the ball at Buckingham Palace.



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