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Double Agent was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus 2.01.


Ezio Auditore arrived at the door of Thieves Guild, seeking the aid of the city's thieves. Here, he met with La Volpe, the head of the guild, who revealed to Ezio that he did not trust Machiavelli and believed him to be a traitor.


Ezio met La Volpe.

La Volpe's being notified of Machiavelli's location

  • La Volpe: Ezio.
  • Ezio: La Volpe. I am surprised to see you.
  • La Volpe: And why have you appeared at my door? Wait, I know the answer.
  • Ezio: You always do.
  • La Volpe: You want to put my spies to work.
  • Ezio: Then, join me.
  • La Volpe: In aiding Machiavelli? No thank you. That man is a traitor to our Order.
  • Ezio: A serious allegation, coming from a thief. What is your proof?
  • La Volpe: He was an ambassador to the Papal court and traveled as the personal guest of Cesare himself. I also know he abandoned you right before the Villa attack.
  • Ezio: Machiavelli may not please all tastes, but he is an Assassin, not a traitor.
  • La Volpe: I am not convinced.

A thief whispered into La Volpe's ear.

  • La Volpe: Ah. He is meeting someone in the Trastevere right now. Care to accompany me?
  • Ezio: I will follow...

Ezio and La Volpe reached the market and waited, hidden on the rooftops. They saw three Borgia guards and Machiavelli in the alley below.

  • La Volpe: What do you make of that?

Machiavelli meeting with his contact

One of the guards gave Machiavelli a letter, at which he promptly left the alley. Immediately afterwards, a group of thieves attacked the guards, resulting in one of the thieves being injured and unable to move. Two crossbowmen advanced onto the injured thief.

  • Claudio: Help!
  • Trimalchio: Volpe, my son Claudio has been injured!
  • Ezio: They are going to shoot him.
  • La Volpe: I will kill these. Go! Get the others.

Ezio killed all the guards in the alley, and approached Claudio.

  • Ezio: Quick! Hide from the guards.
  • Claudio: I cannot. They are going to kill me.
  • Ezio: Pay attention. Do what I do.

Claudio reuniting with his father

Ezio and Claudio moved along with the crowd, unnoticed by the guards, eventually reaching the docks to meet Volpe and Trimalchio.

  • Trimalchio: Claudio! Molte grazie, Messere. (Thank you very much, Mister.)
  • Ezio: Keep out of sight for a while, intesi (understood)?
  • La Volpe: The guards are looking for you.
  • Ezio: I see they have posters up.
  • La Volpe: Then rip them down. You can pay the heralds a few florins to silence them.
  • Ezio: Or I can eliminate witnesses.
  • La Volpe: You know how to disappear.

After losing his notoriety, Ezio returned to Volpe.

  • La Volpe: What a night this has been.
  • Ezio: Volpe, listen to me. I know what we saw, but you have nothing to fear from Machiavelli, I am sure of it.
  • La Volpe: I have you to thank for saving Claudio's life. If you believe Machiavelli remains loyal to the order, I trust you.
  • Ezio: So what of the thieves?

Ezio assuring Volpe about Machiavelli

  • La Volpe: We had plans to repair this old building but, now that you and I are working together, I would like to know what you think.
  • Ezio: We need to make sure the Borgia stay away. Perhaps it could look like an inn.
  • La Volpe: Yes. Hmm, I like that idea.
  • Ezio: Then I will make it so.

Ezio consulted an architect about the repairs for the building. When they were complete, he paid a visit to La Volpe and his new inn.

  • La Volpe: Welcome, Ezio, to La Volpe Addormentata (The Sleeping Fox).
  • Ezio: The inn looks perfect. No one will ever suspect its real purpose.
  • La Volpe: The guild will be run from here. Visit me whenever you like. There might be objectives to pursue that will help our cause in the city.

Ezio and La Volpe inside the renovated inn

  • Ezio: I see you thieves compete against each other.
  • La Volpe: You can participate, if you wish. Perhaps you will show them a thing or two. Ah yes, I forgot. We have gambling. It is a great source of income, especially since we ensure that the Borgia guards always lose.
  • Ezio: One last thing, I need your spies to find the Apple. It has been taken from me.
  • La Volpe: We are searching the city for it already.
  • Ezio: Molto bene (Very good). Come to Isola Tiberina (Tiber Island) with your findings.
  • La Volpe: I shall.


Despite La Volpe's suspicions towards Machiavelli, Ezio persuaded him not to act without further proof. In the meantime, Ezio saved the injured thief Claudio after a failed ambush on Borgia guards, and further renovated the Roman Thieves Guild to look like an inn, concealing its true purpose. Having regained the trust of the Roman thieves, La Volpe and his guild set about to help Ezio find the Apple.



  • In the story trailer, instead of the thieves attacking the guards, Assassin apprentices were displayed in their place.
  • Double Agent is the name of the fourth game of the Splinter Cell series, also owned by Ubisoft.
  • Ezio only gains the notoriety meter after completing this memory. The player can avoid having the notoriety meter a while longer by doing this memory third before Collective Intelligence.


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