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Dorothy Osborne (died June 1692) was a young American girl during the 17th century who was bonded to the spirit of Consus. Due to her link with the Isu, Dorothy was considered to be a valuable resource to both the Assassin Brotherhood and the Templar Order.


In 1692, during the Salem witch trials, Dorothy was imprisoned in an underground dungeon along with others accused of witchcraft. Alongside a mute boy named David, she was rescued by the Assassins Thomas Stoddard and Jennifer Querry, by promising to lead them to the Piece of Eden they sought.[1]

As Stoddard later grew more irate, he threatened Dorothy, following which she fainted and Consus spoke through her, repeating a quote from Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy; these words were the last that Stoddard's father had said to him. At that point, Querry went immediately to Dorothy's side while Stoddard realized that the girl was what the Assassins' had been seeking, and he defended the group against oncoming attackers.[1] As Stoddard fought, Querry found an exit with David's help, and the four escaped to the swamps, though still pursued by the crowd of fanatics sent after them by the Templars William Stoughton and Samuel Parris.[2]

Despite their efforts to escape, the Templars and the mob finally caught up to them and Stoddard was forced to leave an injured Querry and David behind to save Dorothy. Much later, Dorothy was possessed by Consus anew and spoke to Charlotte de la Cruz, a woman who was reliving Tom Stoddard's memories through the Animus in the 21st century. Confused, Stoddard tried to question Dorothy but the girl merely blamed him for leaving Querry and David and told him that he would have a family. The pair finally made their way to the docks and were surprised to see Templars arriving. Following this, Querry suddenly appeared, saying that she had left David behind. Concluding that the two events were linked and believing Querry to be lying, Stoddard attacked Querry while Dorothy tried to defend her.[2]

They were assaulted and captured by the Templars and their henchmen, who revealed that they had tailed Querry to their location.[2] From there, Stoddard, Querry, and Dorothy were brought back to the underground dungeon in Salem, where Stoddard was tortured by the Templars. During this interrogation, the Templars revealed that they had also recaptured David and wanted Stoddard to identify which one of the children that he'd tried to save was the important one.

As Stoughton was threatening to torture David and as Querry was about to talk to save the boy, Consus once more took possession of Dorothy and delivered a new message to Charlotte de la Cruz, under the eyes of an amazed Stoughton. Using the diversion, the Assassins freed themselves, killed one of the Templars and tried to save the children, but using his gun Stoughton killed Querry and injured Stoddard.[3]

However, as Stoughton was talking with Parris about his plan to use the prisoners of the witch trials as guinea pigs, attempting to duplicate Dorothy's power with new hosts and aiming to create oracles for the Templars, Dorothy committed suicide by throwing herself into a fire started during the brawl between the Assassins and the Templars, in order to prevent the Templars from causing more innocent deaths. After escaping the Templars, Stoddard buried Dorothy's remains.[3]

Personality and characteristics

Dorothy was a young girl who was, for unknown reasons and by unknown means, endowed with the power to connect herself with the Isu Consus. Whenever she had a vision, she would faint, her eyes would fade to white and she would speak with Consus' voice.[1]


  • Her name is possibly a reference to Sarah Osborne, who died in prison May 10, 1692 at age 49 without confessing her guilt or implicating others; four-year-old Dorothy Good, the youngest accused witch who may have been driven insane by the traumatic experiences of the trials; and twelve-year-old Dorothy Faulkner, who was arrested as a witch but later released.
  • Dorothy is derived from Greek Δωροθεος (Dorotheos), meaning 'gift of God'.




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